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Concerto for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra (G. Schirmer) £28.95Add to basket
5 Etudes for Orchestra (Study Score) (G. Schirmer) £22.95Add to basket
American Triptych (Orchestral Study Score) (G. Schirmer) £12.95Add to basket
Aphorisms (Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello) (G. Schirmer) £13.95Add to basket
Complete Conductor (Oxford University Press)£21.00Add to basket
Concerto - piano solo & reduction (Schott)£20.99Add to basket
Concerto (Double Bass Part) (G. Schirmer) £2.50Add to basket
Concerto (Flute/Piccolo and Orchestra) (G. Schirmer) £15.95Add to basket
Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra (G. Schirmer) £28.95Add to basket
Concerto No.2 for Orchestra ( Study Score) (G. Schirmer) £26.95Add to basket
Contours - small orchestra (Schott)£69.99Add to basket
Dramatic Overture for Orchestra (Study Score) (G. Schirmer) £22.95Add to basket
Duo Sonata for Clarinet & Bass Clarinet (G. Schirmer)£11.95Add to basket
Duologue for Violin and Piano (G. Schirmer) £18.95Add to basket
Early Jazz Its Roots & Musical Development (Paperback) (Oxford University Press)£19.50Add to basket
Eine Kleine Posaunenmusik (Trombone/Piano) (G. Schirmer) £8.95Add to basket
Episodes (Solo Clarinet) (G. Schirmer) £12.95Add to basket
Fantasy for Solo Harp (G. Schirmer) £4.95Add to basket
Farbenspiel Concerto No.3 (Orchestra Score) (G. Schirmer) £26.95Add to basket
Five Moods for Tuba Quartet (Brass Ensemble) (G. Schirmer) £22.95Add to basket
Four Soundscapes (Orchestra Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£15.95Add to basket
Gunther Schuller - A Life in Pursuit of Music and Beauty£30.00Add to basket
Horn Technique (Oxford University Press)£39.95Add to basket
Journey Into Jazz (Ensemble Score) (G. Schirmer) £17.95Add to basket
Meditation (Concert Band Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer) £59.95Add to basket
Music for A Celebration (Orchestral Score) (G. Schirmer) £12.50Add to basket
Music for Brass Quintet (1961) (G. Schirmer) £28.95Add to basket
Octet (Chamber Score) (G. Schirmer) £28.95Add to basket
Octet (Woodwind Instrument Parts) (G. Schirmer) £53.95Add to basket
Of Reminiscences And Reflections (Full Score) (G. Schirmer)£16.95Add to basket
On Winged Flight (Concert Band Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer) £69.95Add to basket
Six Renaissance Lyrics (Tenor Study Score) (G. Schirmer)£15.95Add to basket
Sonata Serenata (Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer)£19.95Add to basket
Spectra (Orchestra Study Score) (G. Schirmer) £23.95Add to basket
Studies for unaccompanied horn (Oxford University Press)£12.75Add to basket
Study In Textures (Concert Band Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer) £31.95Add to basket
Symbiosis (Violin, Piano, Percussion & Dancer Score & Parts) (G. Schirmer) £22.95Add to basket
Symphony 1965 (Orchestra Score) (G. Schirmer) £31.95Add to basket
The Power Within Us (Score - Baritone) (G. Schirmer)£19.95Add to basket
The Visitation (libretto) (Schott)£6.30Add to basket
Trio (Oboe, Horn & Piano Parts) (G. Schirmer) £18.95Add to basket
Triptych for Organ (G. Schirmer)£12.95Add to basket
Woodwind Quintet (Parts) (G. Schirmer)£25.95Add to basket
Woodwind Quintet (set of parts) (Schott)£27.99Add to basket
Woodwind Quintet (study score) (Schott)£6.99Add to basket