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A Little Music - baritone voice & piano (Lengnick)£4.90Add to basket
Aspects song Cycle voice & piano (Stainer & Bell)£11.50Add to basket
Chinese Lyrics set 1 (soprano & string Quartet) (Stainer & Bell)£17.00Add to basket
Chinese Lyrics Set 2 for Contralto (or Countertenor) and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£5.25Add to basket
Clarinet Quintet parts (Stainer & Bell)£27.50Add to basket
Clarinet Quintet score (Stainer & Bell)£20.50Add to basket
Concerto - flute & piano (Lengnick)£4.90Add to basket
Concerto for Oboe and Strings - Oboe and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£8.75Add to basket
Concerto for Tuba and String Orchestra - Tuba and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£10.50Add to basket
Dance Suite oboe,clarinet,string quartet (Stainer & Bell)£42.50Add to basket
Duo oboe & harp (Stainer & Bell)£15.50Add to basket
Equinox for piano (Stainer & Bell)£4.00Add to basket
Folk Songs (Early One Spring; Brigg Fair) - Baritone and Violin (Stainer & Bell)£4.25Add to basket
From Spanish Descent - high voice & piano (Lengnick)£12.50Add to basket
Impromptus, Two: Cl (Stainer & Bell)£2.95Add to basket
In The White & The Walk Of The Morning (Stainer & Bell)£18.00Add to basket
In Winters Cold Embraces Dye Vocal Score (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£4.50Add to basket
Introits (2) SATB & organ (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£1.85Add to basket
Life's Unquiet Dream vocal score (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£11.50Add to basket
Miniatures (2) string orchestra score/parts (Stainer & Bell)£4.75Add to basket
Nocturnes (3) Piano (Stainer & Bell)£8.50Add to basket
Oboe Quartet score & parts (Stainer & Bell)£29.00Add to basket
Passionate Shepherd SSA (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£2.65Add to basket
Piano Trio violin, cello & Piano (Stainer & Bell)£24.50Add to basket
Rondos (5) soprano, baritone & piano (Stainer & Bell)£14.25Add to basket
Sinfonia Concertante score (Stainer & Bell)£11.50Add to basket
Sinfonia Concertante set of parts (Stainer & Bell)£40.25Add to basket
Sonata No1 violin & piano (Stainer & Bell)£14.25Add to basket
Sonata No2 piano (Stainer & Bell)£10.50Add to basket
Sonata No2 violin & piano (Stainer & Bell)£14.25Add to basket
Sonata No3 brass quintet (score & parts) (Stainer & Bell)£21.25Add to basket
Sonnets (4) brass quintet (score & parts) (Stainer & Bell)£26.50Add to basket
Sonnets To Delia (3) baritone & piano (Stainer & Bell)£9.50Add to basket
String Quartet No1 score & parts (Stainer & Bell)£21.25Add to basket
String Quartet No2 score & parts (Stainer & Bell)£19.50Add to basket
Study 2 for Guitar (Stainer & Bell)£3.75Add to basket
Study for Solo Violin (Stainer & Bell)£6.50Add to basket
Sweet Neglect: Choral (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£0.85Add to basket
Three Pieces for Viola and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£6.50Add to basket
Three Preludes for Piano (Stainer & Bell)£3.75Add to basket
Two Songs - baritone voice & piano (Lengnick)£4.90Add to basket
Two Studies for Bassoon and Piano (Stainer & Bell)£5.25Add to basket
Winter SATB (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£0.85Add to basket
Winter SSATB (Stainer & Bell) Bulk Discount£1.85Add to basket