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Action-Passion-Illusion for string orchestra (score) (Gehrmans Musikverlag)£25.50Add to basket
Architectonics 4 for chamber orchestra (score) (Fennica Gehrman)£25.50Add to basket
Architectonics I for wind quintet (score) (Gehrmans Musikverlag)£14.95Add to basket
Architectonics I for wind quintet (set of solo parts) (Gehrmans Musikverlag)£16.50Add to basket
Architectonics II for clarinet, cello & piano (score) (Fennica Gehrman)£14.95Add to basket
Architectonics II for clarinet, cello & piano (set of parts) (Fennica Gehrman)£23.95Add to basket
Architectonics III (score) (Fennica Gehrman)£25.50Add to basket
Architectonics V for electric guitar & amplified piano (Fennica Gehrman)£22.95Add to basket
Architectonics VI for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, string quartet (set of parts) (Fennica Gehrman)£26.50Add to basket
Architectonics VII (Version 2) for flute, bass clarinet, piano (set of parts) (Fennica Gehrman)£24.99Add to basket
Awakening (Ondine Audio CD) (Select Music)£15.50Add to basket
Cello Concerto (Peters Edition)£18.50Add to basket
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (full score) (Peters Edition)£32.00Add to basket
Confession For Solo Violin (Peters Edition)£14.95Add to basket
Crystallisatio (Peters Edition)£15.95Add to basket
Dedication (Peters Edition)£9.50Add to basket
Drama For Flute Violin & Guitar (Peters Edition)£9.95Add to basket
Excitatio Ad Contemplandum For 4 Voices (Peters Edition)£8.95Add to basket
Excitatio Ad Contemplandum For 4 Voices (Peters Edition)£14.95Add to basket
Fata Morgana For Violin, Cello & Piano (Peters Edition)£27.50Add to basket
Four Piano Pieces (Peters Edition)£11.95Add to basket
Inner Monologue for flute & piano (Fennica Gehrman)£10.50Add to basket
Lamentatio For Saxophone Quartet (Peters Edition)£21.50Add to basket
Missa Brevis (Peters Edition) Bulk Discount£5.50Add to basket
Motus Ii (Peters Edition) £32.00Add to basket
Prints for flute & harp (Fennica Gehrman)£21.50Add to basket
Requiem (Peters Edition) Bulk Discount£47.00Add to basket
Requiem Vocal Score (Peters Edition) Bulk Discount£11.95Add to basket
Sonata for piano (Fennica Gehrman)£22.99Add to basket
Sonatina for 2 pianos (Fennica Gehrman)£16.95Add to basket
Spectrum Ii For Organ Trumpet & Percussion (Peters Edition)£9.50Add to basket
String Quartet (score) (Fennica Gehrman)£25.50Add to basket
String Quartet (set of parts) (Gehrmans Musikverlag)£30.99Add to basket
Symbiosis For Violin & Double Bass (Peters Edition)£19.50Add to basket
Symphony No. 5 Big Band (Ondine Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.99
Add to basket
Synergie For Violin And Cello (Peters Edition)£13.50Add to basket
The Path And The Traces For Strings (Peters Edition)£19.50Add to basket
Zeitraum for orchestra (score) (Fennica Gehrman)£25.50Add to basket