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Amphitheatre. Scene for orchestra (2000) Orchestra (score) (Bote & Bock)£12.50Add to basket
Beggars & Angels (Study Score) (Bote & Bock)£30.99Add to basket
Brett Dean Composer & Performer (BIS Audio CD) (BIS)£15.95Add to basket
Carlo - music for strings, sampler & tape (1997) full score (Bote & Bock)£17.50Add to basket
Demons (Bote & Bock)£7.99Add to basket
Demons (Solo Flute) (Bote & Bock)£6.99Add to basket
Eclipse (2003) (score & parts) (Bote & Bock)£28.99Add to basket
Eleven Oblique Strategies for cello (Bote & Bock)£9.99Add to basket
Epitaphs for string quintet (score & parts) (Bote & Bock)£47.50Add to basket
Epitaphs for Strings (Chandos Audio CD) (Select Music) £15.99
Add to basket
Equality Speaking Pianist (Bote & Bock)£10.50Add to basket
Huntington Eulogy (2001) (Bote & Bock)£15.99Add to basket
Intimate decisions (1996) (Bote & Bock)£5.50Add to basket
Katz und Spatz (1999/2002) (Bote & Bock) Bulk Discount£5.50Add to basket
Lost Art Letter Writing (Bis SACD) (Select Music) £15.99
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Night Window (1993) Cl(Bass Cl), Vla, Piano SC/Parts (Bote & Bock)£20.50Add to basket
Night’s Journey (1997) (Bote & Bock)£6.99Add to basket
Now Comes The Dawn Choral Score (Bote & Bock) Bulk Discount£3.50Add to basket
Pastoral Symphony (2000) (Bote & Bock)£23.99Add to basket
Polysomnography (score & parts) (Bote & Bock)£45.50Add to basket
Recollections ensemble (Bote & Bock)£13.99Add to basket
Sextet: 'Old Kings in Exile' (score and parts) (Bote & Bock)£59.50Add to basket
Shadow Music (Bis SACD) (Select Music) £15.99
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Short Stories (2005) for string orchestra ()Full Score) (Bote & Bock)£12.50Add to basket
Sketches For Siegbert (viola) (Bote & Bock)£12.99Add to basket
some birthday... (1992) (Bote & Bock)£7.99Add to basket
Testament (2002) (Bote & Bock)£20.50Add to basket
Three Caprichos after Goya for guitar (Bote & Bock) £10.50Add to basket
Three Pieces for Eight Horns (1998) (Bote & Bock)£8.50Add to basket
Three Pieces for Eight Horns (score) (Bote & Bock)£11.50Add to basket
Three Pieces for Eight Horns (set of parts) (Bote & Bock)£31.50Add to basket
Voices of Angels Piano Quintet Vn,Va,Vc,Db,Pf (Bote & Bock)£30.99Add to basket
Winter Songs, after e.e. cummings (2000) (Bote & Bock)£17.99Add to basket