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Glanert's Megaris brings siren's last lament to LondonFeb 2017
Detlev Glanert: reviews of Requiem for Hieronymus BoschJan 2017
Detlev Glanert: interview about new Bosch RequiemSep 2016
Detlev Glanert: Megaris hears the siren's last lamentJan 2016
Glanert: premieres of three American PreludesJun 2015
Glanert orchestrates Mahler: Wunderhorn European tourMar 2015
Glanert's "Darkly Exuberant" Theatrum Bestiarum Delivers DiscordMay 2010
Glanert's "Monstrous" Symphony Darkens ChicagoApr 2010
Detlev Glanert's "Monstrous" Symphony Darkens ChicagoFeb 2009