Davis, Janet: You Can Teach Yourself Banjo (Book & CD)


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    Department: Tutor Methods - Banjo

    Publisher: Mel Bay

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    Written in tablature, this straightforward, easy-to-understand method teaches rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, endings, and other basic information needed to play bluegrass and melodic style banjo. A great beginner's text. The companion stereo play-along CD features Janet Davis' teaching and lively banjo performance.


    Contents and Reviews

    It's Fun
    The Banjo
    Lesson 1A: Tuning the Banjo
    Lesson 1B: Holding the Banjo
    Lesson 1C: The Right Hand
    Lesson 1D: Picking the Banjo
    Lesson 1E: Tablature
    Lesson 2: Roll Patterns
    The Basic Roll Patterns
    Lesson 3: Chords
    Lesson 4: Using the Forward-Roll Pattern
    The Forward Roll
    "Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
    Lesson 5: "The Old Gray Goose"
    Variation: Using the Pinch
    Lesson 6: The Forward-Reverse Roll
    "The Old Gray Goose"
    Lesson 7: "Worried Man Blues"
    Lesson 8: "Mountain Dew"
    Lesson 9: The Backward Roll
    "Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
    Lesson 10: The Mixed Roll
    "Good Night Ladies"
    Lesson 11: Left-Hand Techniques
    The Slide
    "Good Night Ladies"
    Lesson 12: The Pull-Off
    Lesson 13: The Hammer
    Lesson 14: "Cripple Creek"
    Lesson 15: Melodic Style
    "Cripple Creek"
    Lesson 16: "Blackberry Blossom"
    Lesson 17: "Cumberland Gap"
    Lesson 18: Playing Up the Neck
    "Cumberland Gap" -- Part B
    Lesson 19: Adding an Ending
    "Cumberland Gap" -- Part C
    Lesson 20: The G Lick
    The Right Hand
    The Left Hand
    Both Hands
    "Bile Dem Cabbage Down"
    "Wildwood Flower"
    Lesson 21: G Lick #2
    The Foggy Mountain Lick
    The Left Hand
    The Right Hand
    "Train 45"
    Lesson 22: G Lick #3
    Pull-Off Lick
    "Train 45"
    Lesson 23: D Lick #1
    The Salty Dog Lick
    "Salty Dog"
    Lesson 24: Combining Licks
    "Sunnyvale Breakdown"
    Lesson 25: D Lick #2
    Partial D Chord
    "Wabash Cannonball"
    Lesson 26: D Lick #3
    "John Hardy"
    Lesson 27: Using Alternate Licks
    "John Hardy"
    Lesson 28: Up the Neck
    The D Lick
    "John Hardy"
    Lesson 29: Quarter Notes
    "Lonesome Road Blues"
    Lesson 30: G Lick #4
    "Down the Road"
    Lesson 3l: "Pig in a Pen"
    Lesson 32: G Lick #5
    "Sally Goodin'"
    Lesson 33: Roll-Pattern Variations
    "She'll Be Coming Around the Moutain"
    Lesson 34: Harmonics
    "Grandfather's Clock"
    Lesson 35: Using a Capo
    "Old Joe Clark"
    Lesson 36: The F Chord
    "Little Maggie
    Lesson 37: "Old Man at the Mill"
    Lesson 38: "Pretty Polly"
    Lesson 39: D Lick #4
    "Shady Grove"
    Lesson 40: Fretting the Fifth String
    "Banjo Signal"
    Lesson 41: The Choke
    "Lonesome Road Blues"
    Lesson 42: Melodic Style
    What Is a Scale?
    Melodic Style?
    Lesson 43: The G Major Scale
    Lesson 44: Fiddle Tunes
    "Devil's Dream"
    Lesson 45: "Turkey in the Straw"
    Lesson 46: "Blackberry Blossom"
    Lesson 47: "Flop Eared Mule"
    Lesson 48: "Sugarfoot Rag"
    Lesson 49: "Buffalo Gals"
    Lesson 50: "Buffalo Gals"
    Lesson 51: "Wildwood Flower"
    Lesson 52: Chord Positions
    The F Position
    The D Position
    The Barre Position
    Just for Fun... More Exercises
    Lesson 53: Working from Chord Positions
    "Wildwood Flower"
    Lesson 54: "Two Little Boys"
    Lesson 55: Waltz Time
    "Amazing Grace"
    Lesson 56: "Silent Night"
    Lesson 57: "Home on the Range" (not on CD)
    Lesson 58: C Tuning
    "Soldier's Joy"
    Lesson 59: D Tuning
    "Reuben" (not on CD)
    Chord Charts
    Major Chords
    Minor Chords
    Locating Chords Without a Chart