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Quick Guide
Quality music[PDF Sample]

- Real musical encounters right from the start

- A wide variety of solo, ensemble and mixed instrument group music with CD backings

- Pieces from different styles, cultures and times.  From boogie and beguine and Purcell to Prokofieff, plus music from all around the world, well-known tunes and newly composed music

- Technical skills are always introduced and reinforced through the music

Musical activities[PDF Sample]

Activities help students learn and explore all aspects of music:

- Feeling the rhythm activities: tap, clap, step, move

- Breathing exercises

- Musical activities: listen and respond, arrange, improvise and compose

Audio CD[PDF Sample]

Audio CD enhances lesson learning and home practice and includes:

- Full performances

- Backing tracks to many of the pieces.  Some pieces have 2 different backing tracks in contrasting styles

- Listening activities

Maximum flexibility[PDF Sample]

Flexible ensemble music - suitable for any number of players in mixed ensembles

- Solos, duets and trios for all levels of experience

- Music for mixed ability groups allows everyone to join in

- A consistent approach makes it easy for teachers to move between different books and instruments

Practical solutions[PDF Sample]

Provides more help than other methods:

- More help with instrumental skills
Practical ideas for teaching breathing, rhythm, tone production, practising and performing

- More help with musical skills
Quick and easy ways into areas not usually covered in other methods including aural awareness, improvisation, arranging and composition

Complete music curriculum[PDF Sample]

A clearly structured progressive course

- Based on a clear instrumental curriculum.  Students perform, create, listen and respond

- Curriculum framework developed with the assistance of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama

- Quick and easy lesson plannign helps you make the most of your time

- For all woodwind and brass teachers.  Easy to use - whether you're teaching your specialist instrument or not

Musicianship from the start[PDF Sample]

Helps the student develop as an all-round musician

- Integrates instrumental technique with musical awareness and understanding

- Helps develop a solid grounding in musical skills, building a firm foundation for the student's future musical progress

Motivating[PDF Sample]

Fun and supportive; keeps students involved at every stage

- Audio CD backing tracks and listening exercises enhance lesson learning and home practice

- Plenty of ideas for practice to keep students motivated between lessons

Assessment[PDF Sample]

Get real results and be able to quantify them!

- Clear goals and checklists help teacher and student measure their progress

- Students are encouraged to think about and assess their own performance

By teachers for teachers[PDF Sample]

- Created and developed by leading educators and instrumental specialist teachers under the editorship of Chris Morgan

- The result of extensive research, designed to meet the changing needs of today's instrumental teachers

- Thoroughly field-tested; draws on recognised concepts in good teaching practice

The complete package[PDF Sample]

Everything you need for the first few years of learning

- 2 books for each instrument, each with CD.  From absolute beginner level to Grade 3

- Audio CD containing performances, backing tracks and listening activities

- Online resources

- Teacher training and professional development available

Online resources 

Supplementary resources available including:

- Free downloads: extra pieces, activities, games, puzzles and backing tracks