Carl Vine b. 28/10/1954

One of Australia’s most gifted composers with some twenty compositions for dance, six symphonies and numerous other works for orchestra, chamber and instrumental groups * Written scores for film, theatre and electronics * Much-lauded composition for cello and electronics, Inner World, was recorded by Steven Isserlis on the BMG CD Cello World * Mythologia was commissioned for the Sydney 2000 Olympics * Wrote part of the music for the closing ceremony of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics

"Carl Vine writes Big Tunes. More: he scores them with Technicolor richness … his music is rhythmically cogent (I was occasionally reminded of Roy Harris or of Copland) and makes frequent use of ostinato … some of his most striking effects are in fact quite complex, with richly embroidered polyphony and multiple ostinatos that enable the music to move at two different speeds at once. There is abundant floridly ornamental melody, but beneath the tendrils the melodic substance is often quite simple, even innocent …" -- Gramophone