Sven-David Sandström b. 30/10/1942

Sven-David Sandström started out in the 1970s as one of the leading Scandinavian modernists * Made a breakthrough with the orchestral work Through and Through in Concertgebouw in 1974 * In the 1980s his tone language made a pivotal change and became simpler, more emotional and neo-romantic * His output includes some 300 works – orchestral, solo concertos, operas, ballets, chamber music and choral works * He is today ranked as one of the foremost choral composers of our time * He has composed a number of large scale works in the footprints of J. S. Bach including High Mass, St Matthew Passion, Christmas Oratorio, Passion of John, Magnificat, Six Motets et al * Professor of composition at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA