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10 Piece Brass Ensemble (Pavan) £22.50
4 Pieces For 4 Trombones - B Ens £22.50


A Christmas Suite - for brass band (score & parts) £46.75
A Queen’s Fanfare (score & parts) £13.50
Adagio and Rondo for Euphonium and Piano £11.95
Agincourt Song £21.95
Amazing Grace Arr. Brass Band  £28.95
Amazing Grace Wind Band (Score & Parts) £56.95
Amazing Grace Wind Band Full Score £11.95
Amigos Para Siempre brass Band £25.95
Andante & Rondo for Euphonium & Piano £11.95
Any Dream Will Do - Brass Band (score & parts) £27.95
Apres Un Reve bb/eb Edition  £5.95
Apres Un Reve Trumpet/cornet Eb  £4.95
Après un Rêve, Op. 7/1 arr. for Eb Horn & Piano £7.50
Arioso & Allegro Euphonium/Piano  £11.95
Aspects Of Andrew Lloyd-webber (brass Band Set)  £29.95

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Beginners Please! - Trumpet £8.95
Beginners Please! for Eb/F horn (Grade 1 & 2) £11.95
Beginners Please! Trombone (Treble/Bass Clef) £11.95
Blenheim Flourishes Brass Band £38.50
Brillante (for euphonium & brass band) £49.95
By The Waterside (Au bord de l’eau) (trans. Wilson) (Bass/Treble Clef) £6.95

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Capriccio - for Wind Band (score & parts) £75.00
Capriccio for Tuba and Piano £16.50
Capriccio unaccompanied Cornet (trumpet) £6.95
Carnival Of Venice euphonium  £17.50
Celestial Suite £15.95
Celestial Suite 4 Tubas  £16.95
Centenary Fanfare (band) full score £21.95
Challenging Brass (bass clef) £12.50
Challenging Brass (treble clef) £11.95
Childs’ Choice - Euphonium & Piano £17.50
Christmas Lullaby (arr. brass band) £37.50
Concert Gallop for Eb or Bb soloist and piano (treble/bass clef and piano) £11.95
Concerto For Euphonium (Wind Band Set) Parts £91.95
Concerto For Euphonium wind Band Full Score £41.95
Concerto For Trumpet (trumpet & piano score) £11.95
Concerto tenor Trombone £16.50
Cool Contrasts (trumpet & piano) £9.50
Coventry Variations (score & Parts) £72.95
Coventry Variations tovey brass band score £30.00

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Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron tuba/Piano £6.95

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Embraceable You gershwin Arr. howarth  £21.95
Episode for Horn In Eb/F and Piano £11.75
Escapade for Eb cornet/Eb trumpet/Bb piccolo trumpet and piano £11.95
Euphonium Concerto Euph/Piano £23.50
Euphonium Music BC/TC £17.50

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Fantasia (10 pieces for brass ensemble) £17.95
Fantasia (10 pieces for brass ensemble) £17.95
Fantasy (childs) Euphonium  £11.95
Fantasy for Trombone & Piano (treble/bass clef) £11.95
Fantasy For Trombone (score & parts) £30.95
Favourite Hymn Tunes (score) £8.50
Festival Fanfare (Brass Band Set) £27.95
Five Miniatures Brass Quartet £15.95
Flower Song (from Carmen) Treble Ed. £11.95
Folk Song Suite - for brass quintet £17.95
Funeral March of A Marionette Wiggin Tentet £24.95

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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Bb Soloist & Piano £9.50
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates... (brass band set) £37.50
His Humour Brass Connection £22.50
Horwood Reflections - for brass band (parts) £34.95
Horwood Reflections - for brass band (score) £23.50
How Great Thou Art £35.99

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Idylle, Op. 4 No.1 - Euphonium (or Trombone) and Piano (bass/treble clef) £10.95
In Nomine (10 pieces for brass ensemble) £20.95
In Nomine (10 pieces for brass ensemble) £17.95
Irish Blessing bacak Arr. s. bradnum  £34.95
Irish Blessing Wind Band (Score & Parts) £56.00

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Kashmiri Song for Euphonium (Bass/Treble Clef) £9.95

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Larghetto for trombone & piano £9.95
Little Prayer £37.50
Little Suite for 4 trombones £15.95
Love Changes Everything (lloyd Webber) Brass Band  £32.75

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Macarthur Park webb Arr. jack Peberdy  £30.50
Mal Sims brass Ensemble £22.50
Mattinata for trumpet & piano £7.95
Monti's Czardas - Euphonium & Piano (treble/bass clef) £18.95
Mot D'amour Op 13 No.1 (arr. trombone) £11.95

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Next Step Brass Trombone,Euphonium Or Baritone  £6.95
Norwegian Folk-song Suite brass quintet £15.95

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O Sole Mio - for B-flat soloist (piano reduction) £5.95

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Pavane Poue Une Infante Defunte for Eb/F Horn £9.95
Pie Jesu Brass Band Sc/parts £32.95
Play Brass with Trumpet  £8.95
Popular Song (brass quintet) £20.95
Pour Une Infante Defunte (eb) Arr Wilson  £4.95
Praise To The Lord ball Brass Band Set £25.95
Prelude & Fugue 'The Spitfire' (arr. brass band) £54.99
Prelude & Fugue 'The Spitfire' (score & parts) £46.95

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Quintessential Gershwin: Brass Quintet £23.50

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Return To Sorrento De Curtis Euphonium £9.95
Rhapsody for Euphonium & Piano (bass/treble clef) £11.95
Rhapsody For Euphonium And Brass Band (Score & Parts) £41.95
Roaring Fanfare for brass ensemble (full score & parts) £11.95
Romance in D minor Op. 62 - Euphonium & Piano (bass/treble) £11.95

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Serenade - for B-flat soloist and Piano £7.50
Serenade for Trombone £11.95
Shepherd's Song £18.95
Six melodious pieces for brass band £22.50
Softly As I Leave You (album) for Euphonium & Piano (Treble Clef) £17.50
Softly As I Leave You (Euphonium Solo) (score & parts) £34.95
Stories For Saroyan euphonium & piano £17.95
Suite Syncopation for Tuba or Eb Bass & Piano £11.95

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Tambourin Trumpet £13.95
Tango - for Solo B-flat Trumpet or Cornet and Piano £6.95
The Essence Of Time brass band parts £51.50
The Essence Of Time brass band score £41.95
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair for Soloist in B flat and Piano £6.95
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair for trumpet (or cornet) & piano £7.50
The Goblin's Rondo (arr. euphonium & piano) £9.95
Three Kings Swing £38.95
Toy Trumpet/Cornet Solo  £4.95
Trumpet Voluntary £25.95
Turrin Escapade Tenor Horn  £11.75
Two Canadian Christmas Carols (score Only)  £16.95

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Well Easy Trumpet Book £8.95
Whistle Down The Wind  £17.95
Who Is He? - Vocal Score (10 copies) £15.95
Who Is He? - Vocal Score (20 copies) £25.95
Who Is He? Brass Band Score & Parts  £38.50
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - brass band £32.95
With One Look  £18.95