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2 Simple Original Pieces PC £74.99
2 Simple Pieces Set HSS5 (Hawkes Schools Series) £32.99
3 Dances from "Le Roi s'amuse" (Full Score) £30.99
3 Dances From Le Roi S'amuse Sc & Parts £103.50
3 Dances from Le Roi s'amuse String Set £57.50
3 Pieces (Swan Lake) PC HSS98 (Hawkes Schools Series) £9.99
3 Traditional Christmas Carols Set HSS88 (Hawkes Schools Series) £67.50
4 Waltzes Set HSS80 (Hawkes Schools Series) £68.99
5 Waltzes Full Score £17.99
5 Waltzes Set HSS69 (Hawkes Schools Series) £58.99


Adagio from Spartacus (Full Score) £19.99
Adagio from Spartacus (Set of Parts) £62.99
Allegro In C Full Score £25.50
Allegro In C Piano Conductor £25.50
Allegro In C String Set £28.50
Allegro In C Wind Set HSS89 (Hawkes Schools Series) £34.50
Ave Verum Corpus Piano Conductor £6.50
Ave Verum Corpus String Set £34.99
Ave Verum Corpus Wind Set £26.99

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Ballet from Petite Suite Full Score HSS105 (Hawkes Schools Series) £25.50
Ballet Music No2 from Rosamunde Full Score HSS202 (Full Score) (Hawkes Schools Series) £66.99
Barcarolle (Tales of Hoffman) Wind Set £60.50

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Carillon Score & Parts £116.50
Carillon String Set £47.99
Carillon Wind Set £36.99
Cavalleria Rusticana HSS16 Piano Conductor (Hawkes Schools Series) £9.50
Cavalleria Rusticana String Set HSS16 (Hawkes Schools Series) £34.99
Cavalleria Rusticana Wind Set HSS16 (Hawkes Schools Series) £30.50
Christmas Waltz (score & parts) £121.50
Concertino for Oboe & Strings Full Score £18.99
Concertino for Oboe & Strings String Set HSS30 (Hawkes Schools Series) £60.50
Courtly Dances (5) from Gloriana Op. 53 (piano conductor score) HSS95 (Hawkes Schools Series) £12.99

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Dance of the Tumblers Full Score & Parts HSS92 (Hawkes Schools Series) £52.99
Der Rosenkavalier Op 59 (full score) £19.99
Divertimento Full Score HSS85 (Hawkes Schools Series) £16.99
Divertimento Piano Conductor £8.99
Divertimento Set HSS85 (Hawkes Schools Series) £79.99

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Farandole Full Score & Parts HSS90 (Hawkes Schools Series) £54.99
Farandole String Set HSS90 (Hawkes Schools Series) £21.99
Farandole Wind Set HSS90 (Hawkes Schools Series) £30.99
Finale from Symphony No.5 Piano Conductor £9.99
Finale from Symphony No.5 Set of Parts HSS52 (Hawkes Schools Series) £78.50

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Gopak from Sorochinsky Fair (Set of Parts) £87.99
Gopak from Sorochinsky Fair Full Score £18.99
Grand March from Aida Score & Parts HSS96 (Hawkes Schools Series) £48.99

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John Henry Score & Parts HSS304 (Hawkes Schools Series) £40.99

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Keltic Lament (Full Score) £12.99
Keltic Lament (Full Set) £76.99
Keltic Lament (Piano Conductor) £8.99
Keltic Lament (String Set) £34.99
Keltic Lament (Wind Set) £34.99

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Latin American Album - starter pack (Young Orchestra Series) £134.50
Little Norwegian Suite (Full Score) £16.99

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March & Minuet Full Score (Hawkes Schools Series) £25.50
March & Minuet Full Set £87.99
March from Carmen (Score & Parts) £48.99
March from Scipio Full Score & Parts HSS29 (Hawkes Schools Series) £74.99
March of The Bowmen Full Score £22.50
March of The Bowmen Piano Conductor £9.50
Melodies from "Der Rosenkavalier Op 59" (string set) HSS72 (Hawkes Schools Series) £16.99
Melodies from "Der Rosenkavalier Op 59" (wind set) HSS72 (Hawkes Schools Series) £20.99
Melodies from "Der Rosenkavalier Op 59" HSS72 (Hawkes Schools Series) £84.99
Melodies From Cavalleria Rusticana (Score & Parts) HSS16 (Hawkes Schools Series) £68.99
Melodies from Elijah (Score & Parts) £65.50
Melodies from Faust Full Set HSS27 (Hawkes Schools Series) £65.50
Melodies from Lohengrin HSS23 Score & Parts (Hawkes Schools Series) £65.50
Melodies From Messiah (Score & Parts) £65.50
Melodies From Messiah Piano Conductor £6.50
Melodies from Messiah String Set £34.99
Melodies from Rigoletto Full Set £68.99
Minuet & Trio from Surprise Symphony Full Set £68.99

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Nocturne (Midsummer Night's Dream) (Score & Parts) £121.50
Nocturne (Midsummer Night's Dream) Full Score £25.50
Nocturne (Midsummer Night's Dream) String Set £28.50
Nocturne (Midsummer Night's Dream) Wind Set £38.50

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Parade Of The Tin Soldiers £70.00
Peasant Dance Set HSS36 (Hawkes Schools Series) £68.99
Polka from Bartered Bride (Score & Parts) HSS100 (Hawkes Schools Series) £118.50
Polka from Bartered Bride Full Score HSS100 (Hawkes Schools Series) £18.99
Polka from Bartered Bride String Set HSS100 (Hawkes Schools Series) £57.50
Polka from Bartered Bride Wind Set HSS100 (Hawkes Schools Series) £30.99
Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper - full score (Hawkes Schools Series) £25.99
Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper - piano conductor score (Hawkes Schools Series) £9.99
Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper - set of string parts (Hawkes Schools Series) £41.50
Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper - wind parts (Hawkes Schools Series) £28.99
Pomp & Circumstance March No.1 Op 39 (THEME ONLY) HSS25 score & parts (Hawkes Schools Series) £48.99

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Russian Folksongs Set 1 (Full Score) HSS107 (Hawkes Schools Series) £63.99

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Sicilienne Full Score (Hawkes Schools Series) £18.99
Sicilienne Full Set (Hawkes Schools Series) £96.50
Slavonic Dance HSS86 Full Score (Hawkes Schools Series) £17.99
Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No.8 Score & Parts HSS86 (Hawkes Schools Series) £114.99
Sleigh Ride - for orchestra (full score) £22.50
Sleigh Ride - for orchestra (set of parts) £122.99
Sleigh Ride (Score & Parts) HSS93 (Hawkes Schools Series) £73.50
Stately Measure HSS48 Piano Conductor (Hawkes Schools Series) £65.50
Stately Measure Piano Conductor £9.99
Stately Measure String Set £34.99
Suite for Orchestra Set HSS83 (Hawkes Schools Series) £74.99

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Three Pieces (Swan Lake Op. 20) - Set of Parts £106.99
Trepak Sc & Parts £74.99

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Valdres (Norwegian March) Score & Parts £59.99
Valiant Knight (Full Score) HSS41 (Hawkes Schools Series) £18.99
Valiant Knight Piano Conductor £9.99
Valiant Knight String Set £34.99
Valiant Knight Wind Set £62.50

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Wedding March From Midsummer Night's Dream Full Set £122.99

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Yeoman of The Guard String Set £23.99
Yeoman of The Guard Wind Set £20.99