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14 Pieces - Piano £5.50


A Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas (score & parts) £94.95
Ave Maria - SSA / SSAA £2.80
Ave Maria (in D) (SATB) £2.50
Ave Maria (trio / SATB) £3.25
Ave Maria (trio / Ttbb) £2.50
Ave Maria SAATTBB £2.50

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Basque Lullaby SATB £1.75

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Calling My Children Home (SATB) £2.00
Choral Warmups from A To Z: Singing Dr. Seuss's ABC £5.95
Christmas Carols And Circuits  £3.95
Come Watch With Us This Christmas Night SATB £1.50

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Daemon Irrepit Callidus SATB £3.50
Dandy Lion Wills Piano  £2.75
Dona Nobis Pacem (SSA) £2.35

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Fat Cat Wills Piano  £3.50
Fireside Tales Op. 61 Piano  £3.50
Fisherman's Tune Piano  £1.95
Five Scots Tunes Piano  £4.50

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Great Piano Works Mini Series  £2.25

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Hosanna To The Son Of David SATB Hinshaw £1.60

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I Wonder As I Wander for SATB a cappella £1.10
Imagine That Wills Piano  £3.50

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Jazz Solos With Stylistic Notes  £4.50

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Madrigals,Glees & Part Songs  £7.95
Magical Kingdom (SA & piano) £2.95
Mary Had A Baby SATB £1.95
Merry Christmas Jazz (SATB & piano) £2.95
Moon Pictures Op. 21  £4.50
Music to Hear (SATB) £8.95
Musicological Journey Through The 12 Days Of Xmas £4.95
My Boy Willie (SSA & piano) £1.40

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O Crux SATB £3.75
O Lord Of Every Constellation (SATB & Keyboard) £2.95
Orban Missa Sexta (mass No6) chorus Pt  £5.75
Over The River And Through The Wood  £3.25

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Panis Angelicus Sa Arr. Cable £2.75
Patterns For Fun Book 2 Piano  £4.50

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Second Set Of Twenty Four Short & Easy Lessons  £4.50
Seven Songs For Harpsichord Or Forte Piano  £3.95
Six Scots Tunes Piano  £2.75
Soaring Hymn Interpretations Piano  £4.50

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There Will Be Rest SATB £2.75
Twelve By Eleven Piano Music Of 20th Cent.America  £6.25

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Where Corals Lie (from Sea Pictures Op 37) SATB £3.25