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25 Albums That Rocked Your World $19.88
45 Rpm $19.88


A Pure Drop - The Life Of Jeff Buckley $30.63
A Twist Of Lennon  $3.45
A Very Short Introduction to World Music $12.27
A Woman Like Me $32.16
Abbey Road updated $22.95
Abitan  $12.21
Acoustic Guitar Songs For Dummies (Guitar Tablature) $24.49
Alfred Handy Guide Home Recording Techniques $7.60
Alfred Handy Guide How To Put A Band Together  $7.60
All Music Guide To Rock  $33.70
Amazing Journey: The Life of Pete Townshend  $22.95
American Popular Music $30.63
Amy Amy Amy the Amy Winehouse Story Pb $15.28
Arcade Fire: Behind The Black Mirror $22.95
Arrangieren Und Instrumentieren $23.03
Art of Downloading Music 2nd Ed $9.20
Art Of Music Production burgess  $19.88
Art Of Record Production Burgess  $19.88
Artist Management Outloud $7.66
At This Moment - The Story Of Michael Bublé $30.63

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Back In The Ussr (story Of Rock In Russia $15.28
Basic Digital Recording $9.20
Basic Effects & Processors Paul $9.98
Basic Home Studio Design $7.68
Basic Live Sound $9.20
Basic Mastering $9.20
Basic Microphones $9.20
Basic Midi $9.98
Basic Mixers $9.20
Basic Mixing Techniques $9.20
Basic Multitracking $7.68
Basic Sampling $7.68
Basic Scales Chords Arpeggios & Cadences  $12.21
Basic Series Computer Recording Basics $27.62
Basic Series Studio Recording Basics A $27.62
Beach Boys The Definitive Diary of America's Greatest Band On Stage and In the Studio $29.09
Beastie Boys In Their Own Words  $13.74
Beatles Complete Guide To The Music Of..vol.2  $9.14
Beatles Diary Miles  $38.38
Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments, from Stage to Studio $38.31
Beatles In Liverpool Leigh $22.95
Beatles No1 $26.02
Beatles the das Song-lexikon (g) book $36.85
Behind The Glass top Record Producers  $26.02
BEST MUSICIANS' JOKES May/Kassel  $10.73
Between the Dark and Light: The Grateful Dead Photography of Jay Blakesberg $26.02
Between The Dark Deluxe Limited Ed  $184.24
Big Beat Conversations Rocks Gt Drummers $1.52
Bill Evans: Everything Happens To Me  $22.95
Billboard Book Of Gold & Platinum Records  $15.28
Billie Holiday Companion: Seven Decades of Commentary $15.28
Billy Idol Tene  $1.15
Black Knight: The Ritchie Blackmore Story $30.63
Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered $21.42
Bob Dylan Art Of.. Song & Dance Man III  $38.37
Bob Dylan: Real Moments (paperback) $30.63
Bob Marley Complete Guide To The Music Of..  $7.60
Book Of Rock Quotes $15.28
Boomtown Rats Having Their Picture Taken  $4.53
Boy George & Culture Club  $4.59
Boy George Todays No 1 Sensation  $1.15
Brother Beyond Biography  $6.06
Bruno Mars $22.95
Burt Rockerama 25 Years Of Teen Screen Idols  $7.60
Butterfly on a Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust $22.95

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Cakewalk Power Garrigus $33.70
Cambridge Companion To Bob Dylan (hard-back) $69.09
Cambridge Companion To Bob Dylan (paper-back) $24.55
Cambridge Companion to Pop and Rock (Cambridge Companions to Music series) $40.30
Catch A Fire: The Life Of Bob Marley (Updated) $29.09
CD & DVD Recordings For Dummies $22.95
Celtic Music: 3rd Ear - The Essential Listening Companion (Paperback) $22.95
Chartfile 1982 vol.1  $2.69
Chartfile 1983 vol.2  $2.99
Cher - In Her Own Words $10.67
Claire $3.84
Complete Guide To The Music Of Police & Sting $7.66
Complete Lyrics $19.94
Complete Rock Family Trees  $30.63
Crash Course Home Recording $16.87
Cream $22.95
Creative Recording 2 (2nd Edition) $26.08
Creative Recording Part 1 (2nd Ed) $26.08
Cut The Crap Guide To Making A Record $12.27
Cut The Crap Guide To Rock & Pop $12.27
Cut The Crap Guide To The Music Business $12.27

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Damaged Gods: The Gang of Four Story $22.95
David Bowie: The Music and the Changes $16.81
David Sylvian The Last Romantic (New Updated Edition) $16.81
Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon $22.95
Desktop Digital Studio $23.01
Diary vol.1 The Beatles Years $22.95
Die Musikwelt Des Barock (g) book Paperba $33.01
Digital Photos Movies & Music Gigabook For Dummies $38.31
Dizzy Gillespie Book  $6.06
Done & Dusted Mirza  $13.80
Drummer 100 Years Of Rhythmic Power $35.24
Drummer 100 Years Of Rhythmic Power & Invention (paperback) $26.02
Drummers Joke Book + CD  $2.99
Drums For Dummies (2nd Ed) $27.56

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Ear & Eye Encounters With World Music (Book & CD) $33.78 $30.40
Elvis Goldman (hardback)  $15.28
Elvis King Forever (paperback)  $12.21
Emeli Sandé - Read All About It $22.95
Emergency! First Aid For Home Recording $23.01
Eminem In His Own Words Weiner  $13.74
Encyclopedia Of Hits - 1960's (paperback) Mcaleer  $19.94
Eric Clapton New Visual Documentary Roberty $15.28
Eurythmics In Their Own Words  $4.53
Exit Music: The Radiohead Story $13.74

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Face Of Rock N Roll  $4.99
Fall Users Guide  $19.94
Fall, the Smith/middles  $22.95
Fender Guitar (illustrated reference book) $19.88
Formento Rock Chronicle  $9.14

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George Michael Complete Guide To The Music Of..  $9.20
Get Back The 'Let It Be' Disaster $15.34
Get Started In Songwriting: Teach Yourself (+ CD) $23.01
Giants Of Rock Music  $12.21
Gigantic: The Story of Frank Black & The Pixies  $22.95
Go, Girl, Go! The Women's Revolution In Music  $26.02
Gotta Get Signed How To Become A Hip-hop Producer  $15.28
Greateset Pop Hits of 2000 $19.88
Gregory Soul Music A-z Hardback  $29.09
Guerrilla Home Recording: How to Get Great Sound from Any Studio $22.95
Guide To Rock'n'roll  $12.21
Guinness Uk Top 1000 Singles (2nd Edition)  $12.27
Guinness Who's Who Of Blues (2nd Edition)  $23.01
Guinness Who's Who Of Fifties Music  $19.94
Guinness Who's Who Of Film Musicals  $23.01
Guinness Who's Who Of Heavy Metal (2nd Edt)  $23.01
Guinness Who's Who Of Indie New Wave 2nd Ed  $23.01
Guinness Who's Who Of Seventies Music  $19.94
Guinness Who's Who Of Soul Music  $19.94
Guinness Who's Who Of Stage Musicals  $23.01
Guitar Repair $38.77
Guns & Roses Low Life In The Fast Lane  $13.74

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H M A-z (encyclopedia of Heavy Metal)  $5.37
Haircut One Hundred Catalogue  $3.84
Handbook Of Chord Substitutions For Piano $23.01
Heart & Soul Revealing The Craft Of Songwriting $30.69
Hit Singles 1954 To Present Day 5th Ed $26.02
Home Recording For Musicians for Dummies (Second Edition) $24.55
Home Recording Made Easy $23.01
Home Recording Power $35.24
How To Become A Record Producer $19.88
How To Do A Demo Quality Recording In Your Bedroom (Book and CD) $30.63
How To Get Your Music In Film & TV  $10.67
How To Win X Factor $12.21
How to Write Songs on Keyboards (Book & CD) $22.95

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Ian Curtis Torn Apart The Life Of  $15.28
Ian Dury Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll Life Of P/b  $15.28
If You Love These Blues  $24.49
Illustrated Book Of Rock Records  $2.99
Illustrated Disco/biography  $6.06
Illustrated Disco/biography  $6.06
Illustrated History Of Rock Music  $12.21
Illustrated Rock Handbook New Edt  $10.67
In The Studio With Michael Jackson  $26.02
In Their Own Words  $5.37
In Their Own Words black  $13.74
Inside Classic Rock Tracks $19.88
Ipod & Itunes For Dummies $23.01

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Jaco: The Extraordinary and the Tragic Life of Jaco Pastorius, "the World's Greatest Bass Player" $26.02
Jagger: Rebel, Rock Star, Rambler, Rogue $21.42
James Dean In His Own Words  $10.67
Jim Marshall: The Father of Loud $30.63
Jimi Hendrix: Musician $38.31
Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book $45.98
John Bonham: A Thunder of Drums Welch/Nicholls  $24.49
John Lennon Tapes Peebles  $2.99
Johnny Cash Life Of An American Idol $15.28
Justice For All Die Warheit Uber Metallica  $26.02
Justice For All The Truth About Metallica  $15.28

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Keith Richards On Keith Richards: Interviews and Encounters $22.95
Kinks All Day & All of the Night: Day by Day Concerts, Recordings, & Broadcasts $26.02
Kraftwerk Man Machine and Music (Biography) $19.94
Kris Kristofferson Wild American miller $30.63
Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love (In Their Own Words)  $12.21
Kylie & Jason $6.06

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Ladies Of Soul (paperback) $35.30
Led Zeppelin Photographs  $30.63
Led Zeppelin The Concert File $16.81
Legacy Of The Blues H/b  $16.81
Legacy Of The Blues P/b  $9.14
Leonard Cohen: The Music & The Mystique $13.74
Little Box Of Beatles $16.87
Long Ago & Far Away white  $30.63
Loops And Grooves (Book & CD) $23.44
Lou Reed The Defining Years Doggett $22.95
Loverly: The Life and Times of My Fair Lady $30.69
Lowdown The Story Of Wire $22.95

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Madness Brief History  $2.99
Madonna Style Book Paperback  $15.28
Making Money Making Music $18.35
Manic Street Preachers In Their Own Words Heatley  $13.74
Marilyn Manson Story Of… $13.74
Marvin Gaye, My Brother $26.02
Masters Of Metal  $7.66
Meetings With Morrissey $30.63
Meetings With Morrissey paperback $22.95
Melody In Songwriting: Tools & Techniques For Writing Hit Songs $29.09
Metal Gig Journal $12.27
Metallica In Their Own Words Putterford Updated  $13.74
Michael Hutchence Final Days Gee  $15.28
Michael Jackson A Life In Music  $10.67
Michael Jackson Making History Grant  $10.73
Midi For The Professional $27.56
Miles Davis Critical Biography  $20.73
Miley Cyrus - Good Girl/Bad Girl $19.88
Mind Over Matter: The Images of Pink Floyd $45.98
Miss Peggy Lee: A Career Chronicle $43.76
Mods: The New Religion $38.31
More Rock Family Trees $22.95
Music Management Bible $23.01
Music Master Soul Catalogue 1st Edition  $22.95
Musicians Guide To The Internet $15.28
Musician's Survival Guide To Life On The Road $7.66
My Life With Elvis $1.46

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Neil Young: Long May You Run (The Illustrated History) $29.16
Nick Drake Complete Guide To His Music hb $15.28
Nick Drake Complete Guide To His Music hogan pb $12.21
Nirvana Tribute Black  $9.20
Nme Guide To Rock Cinema  $2.30
Northern Songs The True Story Of The Beatles Song Publishing Empire $22.95

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Oasis - In Their Own Words $15.28
Oasis: A Year on the Road $30.63
Oasis: A Year On The Road (Small Edition) $26.02
Off The Record  $30.63
Omnibus Chart Book Of The 80's  $12.21
On Record: Rock, Pop, & the Written Word Pb $26.08
One Direction Five Lives Maloney $15.28
Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark  $3.84

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Paul Gambaccini Close Encounters  $15.34
Perfect Circle: The Story of REM $26.02
Phil Lynott The Rocker putterford p/b  $15.28
Phish Companion: A Guide to the Band & Their Music $26.02
Pink Floyd Mind Of Matter Images Thorgerson Hardback $46.04
Pitch Perfect $21.42
Pop & Rock Hits For Dummies  $24.49
Pop Gig Journal $12.27
Pop Music Question & Answer Book $24.18 $21.76
Pop Music: The Textbook (Revised Edition) $27.56 $24.80
Pop/Rock im Musikunterricht $20.73
Pop-Musik mit Schülern $19.19
Popular Chord Encyclopedia  $8.44
Pro Start Sonar 3.0 Mixing & Mastering (Book & CD) $69.92
Pro Tools Clinic: Demystifying LE For Mac & PC (Book & CD) $31.23
Procol Harum The Ghosts Of A Whiter Shade Of Pale $30.63

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Queen Visual Documentary  $15.28
Queen: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock $34.54
Queens of the Stone Age: No One Knows $22.95
Quick Start Windows Xp Music Studio Book & CD $15.60
Quips And Quotes For Elvis  $4.53

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Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Stories $21.42
Rare Record Price Guide 2006  $39.92
Reading Rock 81 (festival Programme)  $2.30
Ready for a Brand New Beat $22.95
Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction $30.69
Recording & Electronics Longman Music Topic $2.15
Reveal: the Story of R.E.M. $22.95
Revenge Is Sweet Illustrated Biog Stevens  $19.88
Ringtone Mania Platinum $7.60
Roadhouse Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughn & Texas R&B (Paperback) $21.42
Rock & Pop Music Trivia $12.21
Rock & Pop Quiz Book $10.67
Rock & Roll Doctor: Lowell George: Guitarist, Songwriter, & Founder of Little Feat $21.42
Rock Album vol.1  $9.14
Rock And Pop Day By Day  $23.01
Rock File 5  $1.92
Rock Gig Journal $12.27
Rock Guitar for Dummies (Book & CD) $30.69
Rock Guitar Songs For Dummies Tab $24.49
Rock Hardware - 40 Years of Rock Instrumentation $23.01
Rock Music Styles  $15.28
Rock 'n' roll Babylon  $15.34
Rock Revolution $7.91
Rock Yearbook vol.7  $12.27
Rockabilly: The Illustrated History $30.71
Rockband zum Aufklappen - magazine $1.54
Rockspeak Language Of Rock & Pop (p/b)  $19.94
Rolling Stones 65-67 Biography $30.69
Rolling Stones Complete Recording Sessions  $13.74
Roots Of The Blues H/b  $19.88
Rough Guide To Acoustic Guitar (Tipbook) $19.88
Rough Guide To Country Music  $26.08
Rough Guide To Cuban Music  $10.73
Rough Guide To Cult Pop $12.27
Rough Guide To Digital Piano (Tipbook) $9.20
Rough Guide To Drums (Tipbook) $12.27
Rough Guide To Electric Guitar (Tipbook) $19.88
Rough Guide To Elvis $12.27
Rough Guide To Film Musicals $15.34
Rough Guide To Frank Sinatra $12.27
Rough Guide To Heavy Metal $24.55
Rough Guide To Led Zeppelin $15.34
Rough Guide To Rock  $27.62
Rough Guide To Soul & R'n'B $24.55
Rough Guide To The Blues $24.55
Rough Guide To The Velvet Underground $15.34
Rough Guide To World Music vol.1  $30.69
Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 For Dummies $23.01
Roxio Easy Media Creator For Dummies $23.01
Roy Buchanan: American Axe $19.88
Running A Band As A Business $7.60

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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath $19.88
Santana Story Soul Sacrifice  $19.94
Satisfaction Story Of Mick Jagger  $9.14
Secrets of Negotiating A Record Contract: The Musician's Guide to Understanding &d Avoiding Sneaky L $24.49
Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll $26.02
Sex Drugs And Rock & Roll  $19.94
Sex Pistols Inside Story $16.81
She's A Rebel Story Of Women In Rock  $23.01
Sing My Way Home: Voices of The New American Roots Rock $26.02
Six Decades Of The Fender Telecaster $24.49
Sixteen Stone Tour Photos/text Black/martin  $15.28
Skinhead $12.21
Slipknot Mciver  $22.95
Small Rhythm-Lexicon of Dance Music $9.98
Smiths Middles $12.21
Sniffin' Glue & Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits  $30.63
Someone Like Adele $22.95
Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles $53.66
Sonic Alchemy $15.28
Sonic Youth Story Psychic Confusion pb $15.28
Sound Check Basics Of Sound & Sound Systems $15.28
Sound of Sound Book of Desktop Digital Studio $19.88
Sound Recording Practice (Paperback) Revised 4th Edition $62.95
Sound Reinforcement Book $38.31
Spring's Awakening (play script: English Version by Eric Bentley) $15.28
Stan Getz: Nobody Else But Me $22.95
Star Set Drum Kit Of The Great Drummers ( Cohan ) $27.56
Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years $26.02
Steve Earle: Fearless Heart, Outlaw Poet $18.35
Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumours $30.63
Stewpot Ed Stewpots Book of Pop  $0.77
Story Of Crass $15.28
Stripped Reading Book $19.88
Studio Essentials $22.95
Studio Stories: How The Great New York Records Were Made $26.02
Suede Illustrated Biography Wise  $13.80
Superstar Next Door Arr Stone  $13.74
Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond $15.28
Synthesizers & Computers (revised Ed. 1987) $15.34

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Taboo Tunes  $18.35
Take That Unofficial Biography $7.60
The Anarchy Tour $26.02
The Beatles Through Headphones $37.61
The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Cambridge Music Handbook) $19.94
The Boys Are Back In Town  $26.02
The Cure $7.60
The Elvis Archives $12.21
The Joystrings: The Story of the Salvation Army Pop Group $22.95
The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow: The Story of the Prisonaires (hardback) $109.77
The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow: The Story of the Prisonaires (paperback) $31.47
The Pop Composer's Workbook: Creative Drums $9.20
The Story of the Blues $24.56
The True Story of Acid House & The Summer of Love $22.95
The Wigan Casino Years: Northern Soul (the essential story 1973-81) $46.04
Thompson Twins $3.06
Thompson Twins In Their Own Words  $4.53
Together Songwriters Guide To Collaboratio $10.67
Tommy Tedesco Confessions Of A Guitar Player $24.49
Tony Bennett Life Is A Gift - The Zen Of Bennett $30.63
Top 20 Book Official British Rec Chts Hrdbk $7.60
Top 20 British Record Charts 1955-90 H/b  $26.02
Toyah West  $4.53
Turn It On Again: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins & Genesis $21.42

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U2 3 Chords And The Truth $15.28
U2 A Diary A Complete Day-To-Day History $38.31
U2 File (hot Press U2 History) $12.21
U2 Into The Heart Stories Behind The Songs  $19.88
U2 Ultimate Encyclopedia 2nd Edition $26.08
Ultimate Musician's Reference Handbook $30.63
Under The Ivy: The Life & Music Of Kate Bush (paperback) $22.95
Understanding Popular Music $22.95
Understanding Popular Music  $29.16
Unfinished Business: the Life & Times of Danny Gatton $18.35
Urban Spacemen & Wayfaring Strangers: Overlooked Innovators & Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock (Pa $22.95

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Video Rock  $1.52
Vintage Synthesizers $27.56

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Waging Heavy Peace $38.31
Wailing Blues: Story of Bob Marley's Wailers $30.63
Where Did Our Love Go (hardback)  $15.28
Where Did Our Love Go (paperback)  $10.67
White Stripes: Sweethearts of the Blues (Paperback) $21.42
Who Is Bob Dylan? $7.60
Who's Laughing Now: The Story of Jessie J $15.28
Who's Who In Soul Hardback  $30.69
Who's Who In Soul Paperback  $15.34
With The Beatles Historic Photos of Dezo Hoffmann $22.95
Wizoo Guide Logic Audio Workshop (Book & CD) $45.98
Write Songs from Scratch (Book & CD) $19.94

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Xtreme MC Book & CD  $12.27

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Yardbirds: The Band That Launched Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page $22.95
Yes Close To The Edge Story Of Yes $15.28

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