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Adagio White Mugs x2 - Gift Box Set £15.95

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Barenreiter Urtext Magnets Composers - Set Of 5 £6.48
Bookmark: Metal Treble Clef £9.95

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Candle Holder: Violin Design £9.50
Candle Holder: Saxophone Design £9.50
Ceramic Wall Tile: Piano & Rose Design £11.99
Ceramic Wall Tile: Piano Design £8.50
Cherub Lantern Candle £9.25
Concerto Napkin - Ivory Design 33 X 33cm £3.76
Crystocraft - Free Standing Violin Design £15.50

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Gold Plated Trumpet Ornament £8.99
Guest Towel - 30 X 50cm £9.95

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Letter Opener - Silver Plated Treble Clef Design £9.50

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Metal Sculpture Female Trio £99.95
Mini Bell - Treble Clef Silver-Plated Design £3.95
Miniature Clock: Black Piano Design £25.75
Music Collection Recipe Box £9.95
Music Collection: Letter Organiser Rack £15.98
Music Collection: Memo Box £4.00
Musical Glitter Globe: Guitar Design £29.99

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Napkins - Adagio Design 25 X 25cm £3.25

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Photo Frame - Music Notes Design (6"x4") £11.95
Photo Frame - Pink Electric Guitar Design £14.95
Photo Frame - Union Jack Guitar Design £14.95
Pill Box £5.50

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Quire Magnet Board With 6 Music Magnets £12.95

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Tissues - Adagio Music Notation Design £1.50
Tissues - La Musica Classic Design £1.25
Tissues - Music Notation Pattern £1.50
Tissues - Treble Clef Design £1.75

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Wall Art - Red Flying V Guitar Design £17.50
Wall Art - Union Jack Guitar £17.50
Wall Hooks - Vintage Music Design (Boxed Pair) £12.50
Weekly A4 Planner - Piano Design £5.99
Weekly Planner - Music Design £6.50
Wine Stopper (silver-plated) £11.95