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240 2-bar Jazz Guitar Riffs vignola book Only  $14.10
25 Top Blues Songs – Tab. Tone. Technique. (Tab+) $23.45
50 Licks Jazz Style (DVD) $15.61
7 String Jazz Guitar Chord Chart  $5.49


Acoustic Masterclass Jazz Classical  $39.97
Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan: In Session (Guitar Recorded Version ) $21.88
Alfred Mastertracks Jazz Guitar (Book & CD)  $23.45
All Blues For Jazz Guitar (Bk & CD) $31.29
All Intros & Endings for Jazz Guitar (Paperback Book & CD) $26.59
Artist Transcriptions - Wes Montgomery $20.31

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Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Artistry vol.1  $18.74
Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Artistry vol.2 $20.31
Basix Jazz Guitar Concepts (Book & CD) $14.90
Bebop Guitar Solos $15.61
Beginning Jazz Guitar $12.47
Beginning Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $26.59
Beginning Jazz Guitar DVD $28.15
Berklee Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary peckham $14.04
Best of Jazz Guitar Signature Licks (Book & CD) $31.29
Best of Robert Cray (Guitar Recorded Version) $18.74
Beyond Basics Jazz Guitar Rhythm Chops DVD $28.15
Big Band Play Along vol.4 Jazz Classics Guitar $15.61
Big Book of Jazz Guitar Improvisation dziuba + Cd $31.29
Blues From Rock To Jazz DVD $35.23
Blues Guitar (+ CD) $21.88
Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles (Book & CD)  $21.88

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Chordal Concept For Jazz Guitar  $23.45
Chords & Progressions Jazz & Popular Gtr $21.88
Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines & Phrases (Book & CD) $34.43
Complete Book of Jazz Single String Studies  $20.31
Complete Course In Jazz Guitar Book 1 $12.47
Complete Course In Jazz Guitar Book 2  $12.47
Complete Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Book  $34.43
Complete Jazz Guitar Method (Book & CD/DVD)  $39.21
Complete Learn To Play Jazz Guitar Manual (Book & CDs) $28.15
Creative Chord Substitution For Jazz Guitar  $28.22
Creative Comping Concepts For jazz guitar  $21.94
Crucial Jazz Licks 52 Essential Colour Flashcards $6.53

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Drop 2 Concept Jazz Guitar  $21.88
Duke Robillard Uptown Blues Jazz Rock & Swing DVD $15.61

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Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar (Book & CD) $31.29
Easy Jazz Conception For Guitar  $21.88
Easy Jazz Guitar: Voicings & Comping (Book & CDs) $26.59
Easy Soloing Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $20.37
Effortless Guitar Smooth Jazz Techniques DVD $32.03
Essential Elements Jazz Ensemble Guitar + CD $22.35
Essential Jazz Lines In Style of Joe Pass + Cd  $20.31
Essential Jazz Lines In Style of Wes Montgomery  $21.88
Essential Jazz Lines In The Style of Grant Green  $21.88
Exploring Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) Schott Pop Styles series $28.22
Exploring Jazz Guitar DVD $35.17

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Fast Forward Jazz Guitar Improvisation (Book & CD)  $17.18
Fingerpicking Jazz Favorites for guitar solo $9.33
Fingerstyle Jazz (Book & CD)  $31.35
Fingerstyle Jazz Dvd $28.63
Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Bop To Modern Baker DVD $36.77
Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Teach Your Gtr/walk (Book & CD)  $25.08
First Jazz Standards (Beginning Solo Guitar) $12.47
Fretboard Roadmaps Jazz Guitar $15.61

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Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $21.94 $19.75
Getting Into Jazz Fusion Guitar (Book & CD) $25.08
Getting Into Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $21.94
Go For Baroque With That Jazz Feeling $3.92
Great Jazz Guitarists 1 (Parts 1 & 2) $23.51
Great Jazz Guitarists 2 (Parts 3, 4 & 5) $20.37
Guitar Arpeggio Studies On Jazz Standards $20.31
Guitar Chord Shapes of Charlie Christian Book & CD $21.88
Guitar Improvisation (#5) (+ CD) $24.31
Guitar Lick Factory $21.88
Guitar Play-Along Series vol.16: Jazz Guitar (Bk & CD) $20.31
Guitar Solos (Guitar Artist Trascriptions) $28.15
Guitar Training Session Jazz Improvisation & Solos $15.61
Guitar Training Session Jazz Standards & Rhythms $15.61

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Initiation A La Guitare Jazz French Edition  $14.04
Inside Outside Play Along Mod Jazz (Book & CD) $23.51
Intermediate Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $28.15
Introducing Jazz For The Rock Guitarist  $10.90
Introducing Jazz For The Rock Guitarist Cd  $18.82
Introduction To Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) & DVD $54.82
Introduction To Jazz Guitar Soloing (Book & CD) $20.31
Its Easy to Bluff...Jazz Guitar $15.67

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Jam Trax Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) Tab $15.61
Jazz Anyone Book 1 Play & Learn Guitar (Book & 3 CDs)  $32.86
Jazz Band Rhythm Guitar  $12.47
Jazz Bass Facing $21.88
Jazz Blues Guitar Solos Book & CD  $20.31
Jazz Blues Styles (Book & CD) guitar  $21.88
Jazz Chord Solos For Beginners DVD  $36.01
Jazz Classical & Beyond (Book & CD)  $31.29
Jazz Classical & Beyond DVD $42.27
Jazz Classics for Solo Guitar $28.15
Jazz Conception For Guitar (Book & CD)  $24.31
Jazz Duets Cass  $13.61
Jazz Duets Cd  $18.82
Jazz Duets guitar Duet (Book & CD)  $26.84
Jazz Ear Training masakowski Bk/CD $20.31
Jazz Etudes Studies For The Beginning Improviser $23.45
Jazz Favorites for Solo Guitar $28.15
Jazz For The Blues Guitarist (Book & CD) $17.18
Jazz Gems for Solo Guitar $28.15
Jazz Goes Classic guitar  $15.61
Jazz Guitar $12.53
Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $23.45
Jazz Guitar Artistry of Barney Kessel, Vol. 3 $20.31
Jazz Guitar Bebop and Beyond $32.86
Jazz Guitar Beginning Book & DVD $36.01
Jazz Guitar Beginning Book Only $13.33
Jazz Guitar Beginning Cd  $18.43
Jazz Guitar Chord Substitution Wall Chart $10.90
Jazz Guitar Chord System  $9.33
Jazz Guitar Classics (Book & CD) $23.45
Jazz Guitar Experience Bk/CD $23.45
Jazz Guitar For The Absolute Beginner Monaco Book & CD  $23.45
Jazz Guitar Improvisation (jacobs) (Book & CD)  $21.88
Jazz Guitar Intermediate Fisher Cd  $15.61
Jazz Guitar Licks $14.04
Jazz Guitar Lines Book & CD  $25.02
Jazz Guitar Lines of the Greats $25.49
Jazz Guitar Master Class  $7.76
Jazz Guitar Mastering Chord/Melody (Book & CD) $25.02
Jazz Guitar Mastering Chord/melody Fisher Book Only  $12.47
Jazz Guitar Mastering Improvisation (Book & CD) $25.02
Jazz Guitar Mastering Improvisation Cd  $18.82
Jazz Guitar Mastering Improvisation Fisher Book Only $12.47
JAZZ GUITAR METHOD Rhythm Shapes (Book & CD)  $25.08
Jazz Guitar Method ronnie Lee  $17.18
Jazz Guitar Method: All The Shapes You Are $25.02
Jazz Guitar Method: Swing Blues (Book & CD) $25.02
Jazz Guitar Micky Baker (Revised) $15.61
Jazz Guitar Organ-Trio Blues Book & CD  $31.29
Jazz Guitar Phrases And Solos $6.20
Jazz Guitar Rhythm Chops DVD $28.15
Jazz Guitar Sight Reading (Book & CD)  $23.45
Jazz Guitar Sight Reading Levy Book Only  $12.47
Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing vol.1  $25.08
Jazz Guitar Soloist $18.04
Jazz Guitar Solos  $10.20
Jazz Guitar Standards $20.37
Jazz Guitar Standards  $28.15
Jazz Guitar Standards (Book & CD) $23.45
Jazz Guitar Standards Chord Melody Solos Book & CD  $31.29
Jazz Guitar Techniques Modal Voicings DVD $27.14
Jazz Guitarist Video $4.67
Jazz Improvisation For Guitar Wise (Book & CD) $15.61
Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: A Melodic Approach Book & CD  $31.29
Jazz Lead Guitar  $11.76
Jazz Lead Guitar Solos (Book & CD) $23.45
jazz licks encyclopedia $25.02
Jazz Riffs (Book & CD) guitar  $24.37
Jazz Scales (Book & CD) guitar $21.88
Jazz Skills Filling The Gaps (Book & CD) $25.02
Jazz Solo Series Guitar (Book & CD) $25.08
Jazz Solos For guitar (Book & CD)  $15.61
Jazz Standards for Beginners (DVD) $36.01
Jazz Standards for guitar $15.61
Jazz Standards For Guitar Book & CD $23.51
Jazz Standards For Solo Guitar Bk/CD $25.02
Jazz Structures for the New Millennium $28.22
Jazz Style Of..elements Of Bebop Guitar $23.45
Jazz Transcriptions Book 2-Guitar $7.76
Jazz Transcriptions Guitar Series 2 $10.90
Jazz Tunes Guitar (Book & CD) $7.45
Jazz-Funk Guitar 1 & 2 DVD  $42.27
Jazz-funk Guitar 1 Bk/cass  $37.64
Jazzing It Up (Book & CD) $21.88
Jazzy Guitar 1 $18.74
Jim Hall Exploring Jazz Guitar  $20.31
Jim Hall Jazz Guitar Environments (Book & CD)  $23.45
Joe Beck Solo Jazz Guitar DVD  $28.63
Joe Pass Blue Side Of Jazz Video (Hot Licks series) $15.61
Joe Pass Jazz Lines (DVD) $28.15

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Latin American Jazz For Fingerstyle Guitar (Book & CD) $20.31
Learn Jazz Guitar With 6 Great Masters (DVD) $12.49
Learn To Play . . . Your Own Jazz Solos (Lick Library series) DVD $31.35
Learn To Play Brazilian Jazz Guitar (Book & CD)  $26.59
Learn To Play Django-Style Gypsy Jazz Guitar: vol.1 (DVD)  $36.00
Les Positions D'Accords Du Jazz  $9.33
L'esprit Manouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar Tutor  $47.04

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Martin Taylor Jazz Guitar Artistry vol.1  $18.74
Master Anthology of Jazz Guitar Solos vol.2 (Book & CD)  $26.59
Master In Chitarra Jazz $29.64
Masters of Fingerstyle Guitar vol.2 jazz DVD $33.33
Masters of Jazz Guitar Book & CD  $31.29
Metodo Per Chitarra Jazz - Volume Primo: La Preparazione $29.64
Metodo Per Chitarra Jazz - Volume Secondo: L'Approfondimento $35.92
Modal Concept For Jazz Guitar  $30.59
Modern Approach To Jazz Rock & Fusion Guitar (Book & CD) $15.61
Modern Jazz Concepts For Guitar (Book & CD) $15.61
Modern Jazz Guitar Technique  $20.78
Moveable Shapes bailey Guitar Jazz Curriculum $15.67

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No Nonsense Jazz Guitar DVD (Hot Licks series) $15.61

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Owning a Jazz Standard (DVD) $36.01

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Patterns Scales & Modes For Jazz Guitar $21.88
Payin' Your Dues With The Blues (Mel Bay Guitar University Jazz Curriculum) $31.29
Playing The Changes: Guitar - A Linear Approach To Improvising (Book & CD) $26.59
Power Jazz Guitar Book & CD $20.31
Practical Guide To Jazz Band Guitar (Book & CD) $21.88
Prelude In Jazz And Canzonetta guitar $8.63
Progressive Jazz Fingerpicking Guitar (Book & CD) $25.02
Progressive Jazz Lead Guitar Method (Book & CD)  $23.45
Prontuario Di Accordi Jazz $22.74

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Randy Johnston Soul Jazz Guitar (Book & CD)  $21.88
Reading Key Jazz Rhythms Guitar (Book & CD)  $31.29
Real Jazz Book C Edition $47.04
Rhythmic Concept For Jazz Guitar (Book & CD) $32.86
Riffs & Patterns Jazz Guitar $5.49
Right Hand Development For The Jazz Guitar  $7.76

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Scott Henderson Jazz Rock Mastery DVD $42.27
Scuola Di Improvvisazione - Vol.I $29.64
Singin' with the Jazz Combo: Guitar $14.90
Six Essential Fingerings For The Jazz Guitarist $12.47
Solo Jazz Guitar DVD $15.61
Solo Jazz Guitar Method (Book & CD) $21.88
Solos For Jazz Guitar $15.61
Solos For Jazz Guitar Atj306 $15.61
Stand Alone Large Format Jazz (Book & CD) guitar  $18.04
Standard Of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Guitar + Cd  $21.17
Straight Ahead Jazz Fakebook: B-Flat Edition $26.59
Stretchin' the Blues (+ CD) $23.45
Sweet & Low Down Tab Jazz Guitar  $21.88

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The Best of Discovery Jazz for Guitar $7.06
The Easy Jazz Standards Fake Book $23.45
The Guitar of Bukka White (DVD) $36.01
The Jazz Guitar Handbook (+ CD) $36.00
The Music of Louis Armstrong arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar (DVD) $36.01
The Practical Jazz Guitarist (+ CD) $28.15
Top 20 Jazz Guitar Lessons DVD $23.95
Total Jazz Guitarist (Book & CD) $31.29

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Ultimate Play-Along Just Classic Jazz Guitar 3 (Book & CD)  $25.08

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Voices In Jazz Guitar $26.65

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You Can Play Jazz Guitar 1 DVD $36.01
You Can Play Jazz Guitar 2 DVD $36.77
You Can Play Jazz Guitar 3 DVD $36.77
You Can Teach Yourself Jazz Guitar (+ CD) $20.31
You Too Can Play Jazz Guitar Arakawa Tab  $13.33

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