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Cane Shaker £7.40
Caxixi Large Size £7.66

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Hippo Toy £6.50

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I EM from Austria Rubber Duck £6.50

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Mini Maracas pair various Colours £7.09
Monkey Drum Small Size 3" £6.07
Monkey Drum Large Size 4" £7.09
Mozart Rubber Duck £6.50
Music for Little Mozarts Beethoven Bear (Music Friends Stuffed Toy) £8.34
Music for Little Mozarts Clara Schumann Cat (Music Friends Stuffed Toy) £11.40
Music for Little Mozarts Mozart Mouse (Music Friends Stuffed Toy) £8.34
Music for Little Mozarts Nannerl Mouse (Music Friends Stuffed Toy) £6.50

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Plastic Straws x12 £11.99

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Toilet Paper - Sheet Music Design £8.99
Toilet Paper Keyboard £8.99

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Vienna Choirboy Rubber Duck - Blue £5.95
Vienna Choirboy Rubber Duck - White £5.95