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19 Christmas Carols For Guitar £4.95
50 Three Chord Christmas Songs - Guitar/Banjo/Uke £7.95
6 Chords for Christmas  £5.95


Bluesy Christmas Tunes for electric guitar (+ CD) £13.50

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Carols For Guitar £5.95
Christmas Book for Guitar  £14.50
Christmas Carols Book Easy Guitar  £9.95
Christmas Carols For (Guitar Tablature)  £7.50
Christmas Carols For Guitar (1-3 Guitars) £5.95
Christmas Classics Guitar  £8.95
Christmas Collection £5.95
Christmas For Guitar (Guitar Tablature) £7.95
Christmas Guitar Book £6.95
Christmas Songs & Carols Guitar Chord Songbook £5.50
Christmas Songs & Holiday Melodies DVD £23.44
Classic Carols Fingerstyle Guitar George (Book & CD) £11.50
Complete Guitar Player Christmas £9.95

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Easy Christmas Songs For Little Guitar Pickers  £7.95
Enjoy Playing Guitar: Christmas Crackers for guitar & flexible ensemble £8.95

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Fingerpicking Christmas (Guitar Tablature) £7.95
Fingerstyle Christmas Guitar £15.99

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Guitar Basics Christmas (+ CD) £7.99
Guitarist's Progress Christmas Collection  £8.95
Guitars For Christmas (Book & CD) £12.99

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Little Book Of Christmas Carols £3.99

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Play Guitar Christmas (Special) £12.95
Play Guitar With Christmas Hits (Book & CD) £14.95
Play Guitar With... Christmas Hits (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £14.95

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Really Easy Guitar! Christmas Hits (Book & CD) £10.95

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The Big New Christmas Songbook £9.99

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World Music Junior: Christmas - guitar £9.95

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Your Favourite Songs For Christmas Easy Guitar (Guitar Tablature) £10.95