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Adagio for wind instruments sc/pts £54.99
Adagio From Concerto De Aranjuez Piano Solo £5.50
Album Centenario Piano £14.50
Aranjuez Con Tu Amor Voice/Piano  £5.00
Aranjuez Ma Pensee Piano £5.00
Aranjuez Ma Pensee Vce/guitar £5.00
Aranjuez Mon Amour Voice/Piano £5.00

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Concerto De Aranjuez Guitar Solo £12.00
Concierto Madrigal 2 Gtrs/Piano Red.  £15.00

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En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor - voice & piano £5.00

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Invocation Et Danse guitar £9.00

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Ma Pensee £5.00

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Por los campos de España £10.99