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Access All Areas (treble clef instruments) Bk & CD £23.50
And Everything Is Still (for alto sax & piano) £10.95
And Everything Is Still (for soprano/tenor saxophone) £9.50
And Everything Is Still (tenor horn & piano) £8.50
And Everything Is Still (tuba & piano) £12.25
And Everything Is Still... Flute & Piano £9.95
Apollo Saxophone Quartet Series: Solo Saxophone, Book 1 £9.95

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Cafe Europa (clarinet & piano) £11.95
Café Europa (flute & piano) £11.50
Café Europa for alto saxophone & piano £11.95
Cafe Europa for Tenor Sax £11.50
Changing Times (Bb/Eb Sax Solo) £9.95
Changing Times (solo flute) £8.95
Children's Songs for soprano saxophone & piano £17.50

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Dark Rain (for 2 saxophones & wind orchestra score) £18.00
Dark Rain (for 2 saxophones & winds - piano reduction) £15.00
Dark Rain (for alto/soprano saxophone parts) £14.95

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Eight Pieces for flute & piano £11.50
Eighteen (solo flute) £8.00
Eighteen (solo saxophone) £8.00

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Film (score) brass band £15.00
Film (set of parts) brass band £24.95
Fujiko (for 9 clarinets ensemble) £8.20
Fujiko (for clarinet & piano) £8.50
Fujiko (for soprano/tenor saxophone & piano) £9.95

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High Life for Saxophone Quartet (score & parts) £12.95
His Phantom Sweetheart (saxophone quartet) £12.90
Hoe Down for Saxophone Quartet (score & parts) £12.50

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Integration (soprano saxophone, piano & percussion) £23.50
Interference Saxophone Solo + Cd £18.95

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KBM (solo flute) £8.00

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My Mountain Top (Bk & CD) alto flute £17.40
My Mountain Top (Bk & CD) euphonium £17.40
My Mountain Top (Bk & CD) tenor horn £17.40
My Mountain Top (Bk & CD) tuba £17.40

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Nemesis Soprano Sax & Vibraphone £23.95
Now & Then (saxophone quartet SATB) £18.70

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Paquito 7 Bb/ 1 Bass Clarinet Ensemble  £17.50
Playing the Saxophone £27.50

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Real Book North West bb Version £20.50
Real Book North West C Version £19.50
Real Book North West eb Version £19.50

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Salt Of The Earth (brass band & solo euphonium) solo part £5.95
Salt Of The Earth (flute & piano) £9.50
Salt Of The Earth (score) brass band £16.50
Salt Of The Earth (set of parts) brass band £20.00
Saxophone & Piano Book 1 £14.95
Saxophone Duets Book 1 Apollo Saxophone Quartet £11.95
Saxophone Duets Book 2 Apollo Saxophone Quartet £12.50
Saxophone Quartets Bk 3 (Apollo Saxophone Quartet) £16.95
Saxophone Quartets Book 1 Sax Quartet £15.95
Saxophone Quartets Book 2 £15.95
Scales For Obsessives Dixon £21.50
Scaling The Heights (clarinet) £16.50
Solo Clarinet Book 1 £14.25
Sonata For Flute & Harp £17.50
Sonata For Flute & Piano £16.50
Songs Without Words (Eb sax & piano) £12.00
Songs Without Words (Eb sax & piano) £12.00
Songs Without Words (flute & piano) £12.00
Soundscapes 2 Equal Saxophones £10.00

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Take Two Clarinets Book 2 £10.00
Take Two Saxophones Book 1 £14.25
The Expression of Colour £17.50
Time Travels, arr. Buckland and Scott (Bb accomp) £11.95
Time Travels, arr. Buckland and Scott (Eb accomp) £11.25
Time Travels, arr. Buckland and Scott Eb/Bb Sax (Part Only) £8.50
To The Ancient Crosses (score) brass band £12.50
To The Ancient Crosses (set of parts) brass band £22.00
Two Fat Ladies (for 12 saxophones & rhythm section) £20.60

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Vocalise - Flute & Piano £19.50

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Zebra Crossing for tenor saxophone and pianoforte £8.50