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4 Traditional American Songs Medium £4.50
6 Mazurkas for piano solo (set 1) from Frederic Chopin £4.95


Adam Lay Ibounden Kellam Ssa  £1.50
Alleluia Sing Noel SATB  £1.95
Ascension (Lift Up Your Heads) SATB & Organ £2.20
Ave Maria - Litany To Mary (unison & organ) £2.40

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Ballad Of The Judas Tree (Unison) £2.50

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Calypso Carol for SATB £3.10
Christ Being Raised From The Dead SATB £2.50
Christ Hath A Garden SATB  £0.65
Come Day Star SATB  £0.65

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Death And Darkness Get You Packing SATB £0.70

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In Paradisum (requiem) Organ  £4.95
Interlude in C for organ £4.50

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Lift Up Your Heads O Ye Gates Aston SATB  £1.25
Little Jesus SATB  £1.00
Lotos-land SATB  £0.95

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Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis SATB  £1.20

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O Mortal Man Remeber Well SATB  £1.10
O Sacrum Convivium for SA £2.25

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Pavanne Op. 50 Arr Husson Organ  £4.50
Prelude On Anima Christe Organ £2.95

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R C O Miscellany (organ) £5.25
Rejoice And Be Merry (unison) £2.50
Rhapsody On A Ground  £5.50

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Six Fantasies on Hymn Tunes £8.95
Son Of God Is Born For All SATB  £0.65
Sonata in Cmin £16.95
Suantraidhe: Old Irish Lullaby - organ solo £4.75

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There Is A Green Hill Far Away for SATB £1.50
There Is A Green Hill Far Away Sumison SATB  £1.95
Through The Day Thy Love Has Spared Us for SATB £1.50

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Welcome To A Stranger Ss  £1.50
When Jesus Christ Was Born SATB £0.65
Windmills Horn/pno (alternative Bb/c Parts)  £2.95
Woodland Waters Inspired By Liszt piano  £2.95