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150 Years Of Black Dyke (Chandos Audio CD) $9.33$7.93


A Christmas Fantasy (Chandos Audio CD) $6.88$5.85
A John Field Suite (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Albert Herring Op. 39 (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
An Introduction To Vaughan Williams (Chandos Audio CD) $9.58$8.14
An Introducton to Ralph Vaughan Williams (Chandos Audio CD) $8.72$7.41

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Battle Of Britain Suite (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Baumgesänge (Tree Songs)/Nachtmusiken (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Bavarian Highlands/O Salutaris Hostia/Ecce Sacerdos Magnus and other works (Chandos audio CD) $6.84$5.82
Bavouzet (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Bax - Piano Music (Parkin) - 4CDs $33.54$28.51
Beggar's Opera Op. 43 (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Belkis/Metamorphoseon (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Belshazzar's Feast/Coronation Te Deum/Gloria (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Birds Of Rhiannon/Magnificat/Nunc Dimittis/Mairi/Gallant Weaver (Chandos audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Bluebeard's Castle (Chandos Audio CD) $17.38$14.77
British Folksongs (Chandos Audio CD) $6.84$5.82

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Cantata for 20th Anniversary of October Revolution Op 74/The Stone Flower Op 118 (Chandos Audio CD) $10.72$9.11
Cantiones sacrae (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Carmen (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Cello Concertino in G minor Op 132/Cello Concerto Op 58 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Cello Concerto/Improvisations on an Impromptu of Benjamin Britten/Passacaglia for solo cello/Partita $21.40$18.19
Cello Concerto/Violin Concerto/Prelude/Romance (Chandos Audio CD) $10.72$9.11
Cello Concertos (Chandos Audio CD) $14.75$12.54
Cello Concertos 1-2 (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Cello Sonatas (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Cello Symphony (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Chamber Music for Strings (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Chandos Anthems Complete Nos 1-11 (Chandos Audio CD) $65.69$55.84
Choir Concerto (Chandos Audio CD) $21.11$17.94
Choral Works (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Choral Works (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Choral Works vol.1 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Chout - Suite Op 21a/Love for Three Oranges: Suite Op 33a etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $21.46$18.24
Chout - Suite Op 21a/Love for Three Oranges: Suite Op 33a/Waltz Suite (Chandos Classics Audio CD) $10.07
Christmas Carols from St John's (Chandos Audio CD) $9.33$7.93
Christmas Music (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Christmas Tree Suite/Ballade No1 in D flat major/Ballade No2 in B minor (Chandos Audio CD) $6.84$5.82
Clarinet Concertos/Dance Preludes (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Clarinet Quintet/Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Collage (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Complete Piano Music (Chandos Audio CD) $39.47$33.55
Complete Piano Works, vol.1 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Complete Piano Works, vol.2 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Complete Slavonic Dances (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Complete Songs vol.1: Opp 4, 8 & 14 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Complete Songs vol.3: Opp 34, 35 & 38 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Complete String Quartets (Chandos Audio CD set) $58.38$49.62
Complete Symphonies (Chandos Audio CD) $20.12$17.10
Complete Symphonies 1-7 (Chandos Audio CD) $63.06$53.60
Complete Works for Clarinet (Chandos Audio CD) $17.38$14.77
Complete Works for Piano and Cello (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Concerto For Orchestra/Romanian Rhapsodies (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Concerto No.1 for Piano, Trumpet & Strings Op 35/Chamber Symphony (arr.) (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Concertos - various (Chandos Audio CD) $26.72$22.71
Concertos vol.2: Piano Concerto No6/Piano Concerto No4 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Concertos:Concertino in G major Op. 73/Piano Concerto in A flat major Op. 113/Gesellschafts-Rondo in $21.24$18.06
Confession of Isobel Gowdie/Symphony No.3 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Coronation Ode Op 44/The Spirit of England Op 80 (Chandos Audio CD) $7.38$6.27
Cox and Box/Trial by Jury (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Dances of Galánta/Hary Janos Suite/Variations on a Hungarian Folksong 'The Peacock' (Chandos Audio C $22.14$18.82
Death in Venice Op. 88 (Chandos Audio CD) $42.27$35.93
Der Rose Pilgerfahrt Op. 112 for soloists, choir & orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Der Rosenkavalier Op 59 - highlights (Chandos Audio CD) $17.38$14.77
Dewi Sant (Audio CD) $10.95$9.31
Dido & Aeneas (Chaconne Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Divertimento for Strings, Sz 113/Idyll for String Orchestra/Suite for Str. Orch. (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Don Carlos (Chandos Opera In English Audio CD 3-disc set) $26.83$22.80
Don Giovanni (arranged by Josef Triebensee for wind ensemble) (Chandos Audio CD) $6.84$5.82
Duett-Concertino/Wesendonk Lieder/Siegried Idyll/Träume (Chandos Audio CD) $10.72$9.11

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English Music For Clarinet & Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Etudes/Quartsiluni Op. 36/Erasmus Montanus Overture Op. 1 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Eugene Onegin (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80

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Fairy's Kiss ("Le Baiser de la Fée")/The Sleeping Beauty (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Festival Te Deum/Three Choral Hymns/Sanctus/Te Deum In G & other works (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Fire Dance/Street Song/Four Outings for Brass/Colchester Fantasy/Dance Suite (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Firebird - suite (1945)/Baba-Yaga Op. 56/Kikimora Op. 63/The Enchanted Lake Op. 62/Dubinushka $21.40$18.19
Five Impressions/Pastorale et Arlequinade/Four Sketches/Suite/Three Pictures (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Five Overtures (Chandos Audio CD) $13.39$11.38
Flute & Harp Concerto/Oboe Concerto/Flute & Oboe Concerto (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Four Last Songs ("Vier Letzte Lieder") Op Posth. (Chandos Audio CD) $10.72$9.11
French Ballet Music of the 1920s: L'Éventail de Jeanne (Chandos Audio CD) $9.88$8.40
From Jewish Folk Poetry (song cycle Op 79)/New Babylon Op 18 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06

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Gloria/Stabat Mater (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Grimethorpe Colliery Band - The Melody Shop (Chandos Audio CD) $6.15$5.22

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Hamlet/As You Like It: A Shakespeare Scenario (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Histoire du Soldat (Soldier's Tale) - complete (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Hungarian Peasant Songs (15) Sz 71/Sonatina Sz 55/Sonata Sz 80 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63

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In Ireland, Complete Orchestral Works (Chandos Audio CD) $29.46$25.04
In Memory of Terence Judd (Chandos Audio CD) $13.41$11.40
In The Fen Country, Variants (5) of "Dives & Lazarus" & other works (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Intermezzos - complete (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Into The Ferment/The Berserking/Britannia (Chandos audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Ivan the Terrible Op 116 - concert scenario (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Ivor Novello Songs (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69

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La Boutique Fantasque (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
La Sylphide-Ballet - Music for the Bournonville Ballet (Chandos Audio CD) $6.71$5.70
Les Illuminations Op. 18/Serenade Op. 31/Quatre Chansons françaises (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Lieutenant Kijé Suite Op 60/The Stone Flower Op 118 - Suite/etc. (Chandos Classics Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Love for Three Oranges Op 33 - complete opera (Chandos Audio CD) $42.27$35.93
Lute Concerti (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48

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Maria di Venosa (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Mary's Music: Songs & Dances (From the time of Mary Queen of Scots) (Chandos Audio CD) $21.85$18.57
Mass (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Mass in B minor 2CD set (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Mass in D major/Mass in B flat major/Alma virgo (Mass Edition No2) (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Mass Of Life/Requiem (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Mavra/Concertino/Symphonies of Wind Instruments/Octet (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Messa di Requiem/TreComposizione Corali/Due composizioni corali (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Metamorphosen AV 142/Souvenir de Florence Op 70 in D minor (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Miniatures (Chandos Audio CD) $6.75$5.74
Missa Brevis Etc (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Morning Heroes (Chandos SACD) $22.14$18.82
Music for Strings (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Nigel Kennedy Plays Elgar: Six very easy pieces in the first position Op 22 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14
Nisi Dominus/Silete Venti/Dixit Dominus (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Oboe Concertos (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Octet in C major Op 7/Sextet from Capriccio Op 85/Pieces for String Octet Op 11 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Opera - Baa Baa Black Sheep (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Opera - Boris Godunov (Highlights) (Chandos Audio CD) $17.38$14.77
Opera - Falstaff (Chandos Audio CD) $41.11$34.94
Opera - Flight (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Opera - Mary Stuart (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Opera - The Consul (Chandos Audio CD) $42.46$36.09
Opera - The Magic Flute (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Opera - The Marriage of Figaro (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Opera - The Thieving Magpie (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
Orchestral and Choral Works: Greater Love Hath No Man (Chandos Audio CD) $10.72$9.11
Orchestral Transcriptions by Leopold Stokowski (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Orchestral Works vol.2: Symphonic Variations/Symphony No. 4 (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Orchestral Works: Tangazo/Tres movimientos/Milonga del Angel/Sinfonietta (Chandos Audio CD) $21.11$17.94

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Paganini Variations/Sonata for two pianos and percussion/America Fantasy (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Paul Bunyan Op. 17 (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Paulus (Chandos Audio CD) $19.19$16.31
Peter & The Wolf Op 67 (Chandos Classics Audio CD) $10.95$9.31
Peter & The Wolf Op 67/Cinderella: Suites Nos.1 & 3 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Peter Grimes Op. 33 - complete opera (Chandos audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Piano Concerto No.2 in F major Op 102/Chamber Symphony No.5 (arr.) (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Piano Concerto/Legend/Mai-Dun (Chandos Audio CD) $17.38$14.77
Piano Concertos 2 & 3 (Chandos Audio CD) $13.39$11.38
Piano Concertos 2 & 3/Colas Breugnon Overture/Comedians (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Piano Quintet in G minor Op 57/Piano Trio No.2 in E minor Op 67 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Piano Works (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Piano Works (Chandos Audio CD) $20.53$17.45
Pièces de clavecin (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Pierrot Lunaire/Concerto, Op. 24 (Chandos Audio CD) $6.84$5.82
Prelude Op. 3 No.2 in C#minor/Preludes Op. 23/Preludes Op. 32 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Quickening/Three Interludes from The Sacrifice (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Rape Of Lucretia Op. 37 (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Requiem in D minor K626 (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Requiem/La Naissance de Vénus/Cantique de Jean Racine/Pavane (Chandos Audio CD) $21.00$17.85
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini/Piano Concertos 1-4 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Riders to the Sea/Household Music/Flos Campi (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Russian Wind Band Classics (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82

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Sacred Concertos vol.4 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Sacrifice (Chandos Audio CD 2-disc set) $26.75$22.73
Schwanengesang, D 957 (Chandos Audio CD) $9.58$8.14
Scotch Bestiary/Piano Concerto No.2 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Sea Interludes/Young Apollo/Suite from Death in Venice/Lachrymae/Simple Symphony (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Serenade in D major for Flute, Violin & Viola Op. 25/Trio in G major WoO37 for Flute, Bassoon &  $21.91$18.63
Serenade in D/Concerto for violin, horn & orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Sinfonia Drammatica (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Songs (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Songs of the Fleet/Songs of the Sea/Ballad of the Fleet SACD Super Audio CD (Chandos SACD Super Audi $21.91$18.63
Spring Symphony Op. 44/Welcome Ode Op. 95/Psalm 150 Op. 67 (Chandos Audio CD) $19.79$16.83
St John Passion (Chandos Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Starlight Express Suite Op 78/King Arthur Suite (Chandos Audio CD) $7.38$6.27
String Quartet/Fantasy Quartet/Sonata for Violin and Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
String Quartets No1 & No2 (Chandos Audio CD) $15.06$12.80
Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Buonarroti Op 145a/Six Romances Op 140 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Symphonic Poems vol.3 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Symphonic Song Op 57/Divertimento Op 43/The Prodigal Son Op 46 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Symphonies 5 & 8 - Ode To The Queen (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.53$17.45
Symphonies/New Year Suite (Chandos Audio 3-disc set) $20.12$17.10
Symphony in A minor/Andante for Clarinet and Orchestra/Symphony in C minor (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.1 "A Sea Symphony" (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.1 "Jeremiah"/Symphony No.2 "The Age of Anxiety"/Divertimento (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.2 in E major Op. 40/Symphonic Minutes Op. 36 (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.2 Op. 27 in E minor (Chandos Audio CD) $13.39$11.38
Symphony No.2/ Symphonic Suite: Troilus & Cressida, arranged Palmer (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Symphony No.3 "Kaddish"/Chichester Psalms/Missa Brevis $21.40
Symphony No.3 "Kaddish"/Chichester Psalms/Missa Brevis (Chandos Audio CD) $18.45$15.68
Symphony No.3 "Kaddish"/Chichester Psalms/Missa Brevis (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Symphony No.3/Pomp & Circumstance March No.6/So Many True Princesses (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Symphony No.4/Three Sacred Hymns (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.5 in B-flat major Op 100 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Symphony No.5 in D Major/The Lark Ascending (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.6 in E minor/Tuba Concerto in F minor (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Symphony No.7 (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $17.38$14.77

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The Bells Op. 35/Dances from 'Aleko'/Caprice bohémien Op. 12/Vocalise Op. 34 (Chandos Audio CD) $10.95$9.31
The Canterbury Pilgrims (Chandos Audio CDs) $22.14
The Choral Edition (Chandos CDs x3) $20.06$17.05
The Film Music of Nino Rota (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
The Film Music of Ron Goodwin (Chandos Audio CD) $22.60$19.21
The Makropulos Case (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80
The Music Of Kenneth Alford (Chandos Audio CD) $7.38$6.27
The Pearl Fishers (Chandos Opera In English Audio CD) $13.39$11.38
The Symphonic Eric Coates (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
The Symphonic Euphonium (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
The Wandering Scholar - Suite Ballet/ Song Of Night (Chandos (Chandos Audio CD) $10.07$8.56
Theresienmesse/Kleine Orgelmesse (Haydn Mass Edition) (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Tobias And The Angel (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Trio for Violin, Horn & Piano, Op. 40/Trio for Violin, Horn & Piano (1982) (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Trios For Oboe, Viola & Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
TV Themes of Nigel Hess (Chandos Audio CD) $13.39$11.38
Two Piano Concertos (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06

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Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge Op. 10/Simple Symphony Op. 4 (Chandos Audio CD) $6.70$5.69
Violin Concerto $21.91$18.63
Violin Concerto No.1 in D major Op 19/Violin Concerto No.2 in G minor Op 63 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.91$18.63
Violin Concerto, Op. 20 Etc $21.91$18.63
Violin Concerto/Cello Concerto No 2 (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Violin Concerto/Concerto for Violin and Orchestra/Sonata for Violin and Orchestra/Two Pieces for Vio $20.56$17.48
Violin Concerto/Prelude/Romance/In Years Defaced (Chandos audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Violin Concertos $21.91$18.63
Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2/Violin Sonata No.1 Op 80 (Chandos Classics Audio CD) $10.72$9.11

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War Requiem Op. 66/Sinfonia da Requiem Op. 20/Ballad of Heroes Op. 14 (Chandos SACD Super Audio CD) $43.62$37.07
Willard White Sings Copland/American Spirituals/Folksongs from Barbados & Jamaica (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Within A Dream (Chandos Audio CD 2-disc set) $20.56$17.48
Works For Cello & Piano - complete (Chandos Audio CD) $21.40$18.19
Works for Piano and Orchestra (Chandos Audio CD) $20.12$17.10
Works For Solo Piano vol.3: Blithe Bells, Spoon River, Proud Vesselil etc. (Chandos Audio CD) $21.24$18.06
Works for Viola and Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $20.56$17.48
Works for Violin & Piano (Chandos Audio CD) $22.14$18.82
Works for violin/2 violins & piano (Chandos Audio CD) $20.53$17.45
Wozzeck (Chandos Audio CD) $26.83$22.80