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Afro-cuban Keyboard Grooves (Book & CD)  £15.95

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Belwin Master Duet Intermediate vol.1 clarinet £6.99
Belwin Master Duets Advanced Saxophone vol.1  £6.99
Belwin Master Duets Advanced vol.1 £6.95
Belwin Master Duets Easy Book 1 flute Snell  £6.95
Belwin Master Duets Intermediate Saxophone vol.1  £6.99
Belwin Master Duets Intermediate vol.1 £6.95
Belwin Master Duets Intermediate vol.1 trombone  £6.95
Best Of Garth Brooks Guitar/Tab  £15.99
Best Of I'd Rather Be Playing Trumpet £5.25
Boy Meets Girl Reel Life piano Vocal Guitar £9.95

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Cabaret (SATB) £3.45
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vocal selections £8.95
Coltrane Improvised Saxophone Solos  £12.95
Cuts Both Ways (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) £9.99
Cuts Both Ways Easy Piano/vocal £9.99

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Favourite Piano Duets Level 1 Blue Ribbon  £4.99
Favourite Piano Duets Level 3 Blue Ribbon £6.95
Favourite Piano Solos Level 4 vol.1 Blue Ribbon £3.20
First Year Popular Solos For Clarinet vol.2 £6.25
First Year Popular Solos For Flute vol.1 Level 1 £3.00
For Guitar £14.95

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Hank Cochran Album piano, vocal & guitar £6.95
How to Play Basic Rhythms for Guitar £8.99

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I Don't Wanna Go To School Today Songbook Bk/cass  £20.37
I'm Sitting On Top Of The World £3.99
In The Pink £20.99
Interpretations For Piano (Deluxe) £16.99
Into The Light £12.95

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James Bond 007 Collection (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) £19.50 £17.55

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Martika's Kitchen P/v/c £9.99
Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Fiddler on the Roof) (PVG) £3.99
Method For Piano Lessons Primer  £6.99
Mode Mania Scales & Modes For Heavy Metal Bk/cass  £1.00
M-o-t-h-e-r (a Word That Means The World To Me) £3.99

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Piano Course Technique Level 1  £4.99
Piano Course Technique Level 3  £4.99
Playing The Recorder  £5.99
Popular Music Made Easy Book 2 organ £3.75
Power Trax (Book & CD) £16.28
Practical Applications 1 Afro-carib.Rhythms Bk/cas £21.59

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Quips And Quotes For Elvis  £2.95

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Second Time Around £3.99
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Vocal Selection £8.95
Softly As I Leave You (SSA) £3.60
Speedy Gonzales (Ensembles Today-Flt Choir) £16.00

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Top Of The Bops  £2.95

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While Strolling Thru The Park One Day £3.99

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Yentl - Original Soundtrack £15.99