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6 Easy Flamenco Vars Gtr £5.50
6 Lute Pieces of Renaissance £4.99


Album Of Guitar Solos  £5.50
Arpeggio Studies Ed. papas guitar  £3.50
Asturias (Leyenda) guitar £4.95

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Bach Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring  £3.50

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Cadiz Gtr £3.95
Chorus 1 Gtr £3.50
Christmas Music Level 3  £2.65
Clair De Lune guitar Duet  £5.50

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Differencias Sobre Un Thema £4.55
Differencias Sobre Un Thema (guitar) £3.50

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Flamenco Solos For Guitar  £5.50

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Gymnopedie No 3 £2.55

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La Paloma Gtr £2.99
Lagrima & Adelita Guitar £6.50
Latin American Solos For Guitar Papas/Barbosa-Lima £5.50
Legit Etudes Carubia & Drewes Saxophone  £5.95
Legit Etudes Clarinet £5.95
Leyenda Gtr £3.99

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Memorial Collection  £8.99
Method For Guitar £7.99

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Nortena Gtr £3.75

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Pieces (14) (ed. Sophocles Papas) £6.50
Pieces (2) £1.50

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Six Lute Pieces Of The Renaissance Gtr  £5.50
Six Short Preludes £1.00
Slur Exercises & Chromatic Octaves  £5.50
Sonata £3.99
Sonatas (9) vol.1 £8.95
Sonatas (9) vol.2 £7.99
Sonatina £7.50
Sor Sixty Short Pieces vol.1 Papas £6.65
Sor Sixty Short Pieces vol.2  £6.95
Sound Of Bells £3.50
Sounds Of Bells  £3.00
Spanish Favourites For Classic Guitar  £6.25
Spanish Favourites solo guitar £5.99
Student Guitarists Delight 1  £5.99
Student Guitarists Delight 2  £5.99
Swing Low (Run With The Ball) - Union £3.99

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Three Airs Of Court  £5.50
Three Blues - classical guitar £3.50
Three Blues for Classical Guitar £6.99
Three Russian Pieces  £1.95
Two Pieces (estudio & Humorada) £2.40

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Valses Poeticos Gtr £6.50
Venezuelan Pieces (4) lauro Sojo Perez gtr £3.95