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A Ceremony of Carols (King's College Choir) (EMI Classics Audio CD) £7.75
A Ceremony of Carols, etc (King's College Choir) (EMI Classics Audio CD) £5.50
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona - 2005 (EMI Classics DVD x2) £17.95
A Midsummer Night's Dream (EMI Classics Audio CD x3) £10.00
Adiemus I: Songs Of Sanctuary (EMI Audio CD) £13.50
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi (EMI Audio CD) £9.50
Adiemus III: Dances of Time (EMI Audio CD) £7.99
Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot (EMI Audio CD) £9.50
Adiemus Live (EMI Audio CD) £8.16
Adiemus V: Vocalise (EMI Audio CD) £15.31
Armed Man - A Mass for Peace (EMI Audio CD) £11.99
Armed Man A Mass for Peace/For The Fallen Special Edition (EMI Audio CD + DVD) £23.44

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Billy Budd (EMI Classics Audio CD x3) £24.50
Britten (British Composers) (coupled with Walton, Tippet) (EMI Classics Audio CD x5) £20.50
Britten (coupled with Berkeley, Rubbra) (EMI Classics Audio CD x5) £20.50
Britten ballet music (copupled with Bartok) (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £10.00
Britten Songs (EMI Classics Audio CD) £14.50
Britten: The Collectors Edition (EMI Classics Audio CD x37) £55.95

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Cello Suite No.3 (coupled with Tavener) (EMI Classics Audio CD) £9.95
Cello Suites (EMI Classics Audio CD) £13.95
Cello Symphony (coupled with Elgar) (EMI Classics Audio CD) £9.95
Chamber Music & Instrumental Works (Centenary Edition Vol.2) (EMI Classics Audio CD x6) £24.50
Choral Works & Operas for Children (Centenary Edition Vol.3) (EMI Classics Audio CD x7) £24.50

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Drama Queens (EMI Audio CD) £14.50

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Essential Adiemus (EMI Audio CD) £7.99
Essential Britten (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £7.50
Eternal Light: A Requiem (EMI Audio CD) £10.99

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Gloria/Te Deum (EMI Audio CD) £8.50

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Journey: The Best of Adiemus (EMI Audio CD) £10.50

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Karl Jenkins & Adiemus: The Essential Collection (EMI Audio CD) £9.95
Kiri Sings Karl (EMI Audio CD) £14.95

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Orchestral Works (Centenary Edition Vol.1) (EMI Classics Audio CD x8) £26.00

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Peter Grimes - Live from the Met (EMI Classics DVD x2) £17.95
Peter Grimes - Live from Zurich Opera (EMI Classics DVD x2) £17.95
Peter Grimes (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £14.95
Peter Grimes (EMI Classics Audio CD x3) £10.00

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Quirk - The Concertos Including Palladio (EMI Audio CD) £13.50

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Rattle conducts Britten (British Composers) (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £10.00
River Queen (EMI Audio CD) £15.31

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Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings, Les Illuminations, Nocturne (EMI Classics Audio CD) £10.99
Simon Rattle Conducts: Britten Orchestral Works (EMI Classics Audio CD x5) £20.00
Song Cycles, Sinfonia da Requiem, Four Sea Interludes (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £10.00
Stabat Mater (EMI Audio CD) £13.50
Stella natalis / Joy to the World (EMI Audio CD) £10.99
String Quartets 1, 2 & 3 - 3 Divertimenti (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £24.50
String Quartets 1, 2 & 3, Three Divertimenti (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £10.00

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The Hidden Heart - documentary films (EMI Classics DVD) £14.50
The Peacemakers (EMI Audio CD) £14.50
The Rape of Lucretia (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £23.50
The Turn of the Screw (EMI Classics Audio CD x3) £10.00
The Very Best of Karl Jenkins: 2CD Collection £13.50
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (EMI Classics Audio CD) £5.00
This Land of Ours (EMI Audio CD) £13.99
Three Baroque Tenors (Bostridge) (EMI Classics Audio CD) £8.99

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Very Best of Benjamin Britten (EMI Classics Audio CD x3) £10.00
Violin Concerto Op.15 & Walton: Viola Concerto (EMI Classics Audio CD) £7.00
Vocal & Chamber Works (EMI Audio CD) £7.50

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War Requiem (coupled with Bliss) (EMI Classics Audio CD x2) £10.00