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5 Christmas Songs op. 1 (in Finnish / English) £10.95


Aamusumussa - children's choir £2.95
Action-Passion-Illusion for string orchestra (score) £25.50
Andante Festivo (piano reduction) £8.95
Autumn Sonnet for clarinet & piano £16.50

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Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 1 KV 313 £9.50
Choral Partita on Finnish Hymn for organ £6.95
Clarinet Concerto - clarinet & piano reduction £75.95
Concertino For Horn Op 45/5 (horn & piano) £30.95
Concertino for Trombone op. 45 no. 7 - trombone & piano reduction £34.95
Concertino for Trumpet, Op. 45 No. 6 - trumpet & piano reduction £29.95

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Die erste Elegie - mixed choir (SATB) £9.50
Drömmarna / Haaveet - mixed choir £3.50

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Finlandia Hymn op. 26/7 for mixed choir £2.99
Forgotten Peoples, No. 4: Ingrian Evenings for mixed choir (SATB) £10.95

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Ikons op. 6 for piano £12.95
In the Shade of the Willow for mixed choir (SATB) £10.95

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Little Piece for Four Hands op. 31 for piano 4-hands £13.95

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Missa in Deo salutare meum - mixed choir (SATB) £14.95

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Nachtlieder for clarinet & piano £17.95

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Old Folk Dances op. 64b for violin & piano £12.95
Overture No. 2 for orchestra (score) £36.50

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Pictures at an Exhibition (score) £27.99

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Qui Vive - piano 4-hands £3.99

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Six Easy Pieces op. 121 for piano trio £22.50
Solo VII for trumpet £10.99
Solo X for horn £10.50
Sonata for piano £16.95
Sonetto op. 53 for Clarinet (A) & Piano £14.50
St. Johns Day Songs for women's choir & men's choir or mixed choir £11.99

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Ta tou theou op. 30 for organ £8.95
Tarantará for trumpet £6.99
Three Fantasias for clarinet & piano £21.50

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Unsere Liebe - mixed choir £9.50

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Violin Duos Vol. 1 £6.95
Violin Scales for Children Vol. 1 £13.99