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Common Core: Re-Imagining the Music Rehearsal and Classroom £27.95

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Do It ! Play Trumpet (Book & CD) £6.95
Do It Instrument Method Bass Clarinet Book & CD  £7.95
Do It Instrumental Method Flute (Book & CD)  £6.95
Do It Instrumental Method Recorder (Book & CD)  £5.95
Do It Play Alto Sax Book 2 + CD Instrumental Method £6.95
Do It Play Alto Sax Froseth (Book & CD)  £6.95
Do It Play Recorder (teacher's book & 2 CDs) £37.50
Do It! Improvise 1 CD(2) £27.95
Do It! Improvise 2 CD £20.37
Do It! Play Bass (+ CD) £6.95
Do It! Play Clarinet (Book & CD) £6.95
Do It! Play Trombone (Book & CD) £7.14
Do It! Play Trumpet 2 (Book & CD) £6.95

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Performance-Based Ear Training - Winds and Percussion: Flute £5.60

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Rhythm Flash Cards 4/4 £51.01

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What Every Pianist Needs To Know About The Body £32.00