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5 String Or G Banjo Melodic Clawhammer £4.99
5 String Or G Banjo Method £9.95
5 String Or G Banjo Method (Book & CD) £15.99
5 String Or G Banjo Method CD £11.40
5-String 'G' Banjo Method (DVD) £8.99


Bodhran Tutor (+ CD) £6.00

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Celtic Credentials cd £8.99
Celtic Credentials Further advances in Irish banjo techniques (Book Only) £9.50

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Dublin Banjos £9.95

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English & Scottish Tunes (Guitar Tablature) (4 String) £9.95

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Irish Tenor Banjo For Beginners (Book & Cassette) £12.79
Irish Traditional Music Session Tunes Book 3 £8.99

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Mason's Apron Cassette £5.10

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Off To Ireland £1.95

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Stompin' Ground (Album & Tutor) £9.99
Stompin' Ground (Book & CD) £16.92
Sullys G Banjo 2 £9.99
Sully's G Banjo 2 (Book & Cassette) £16.08
Sully's Irish Banjo Book 2 (4 String) £9.50
Sully's Irish Banjo Book 2 (Book & CD) (4 Str) £20.98
Sully's Irish Music Book & Fancy CD £16.67
Sully's Irish Music Book (New Edition) £7.99

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T-banj Aria Cd £7.14
Traditional Mouth Organ (Bk & cassette) £12.08
Traditional Mouth Organ (Book & CD) Pack £15.54