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Blues (3) Alto Sax & Piano £7.99
Blues (3) Clarinet & Piano £8.75

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Cloud Formations f Horn & Pf  £4.95

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Going Places (trumpet & Piano)  £3.95

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Pachelbel Canon Quartet £5.95

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Strachan 9.05: rush Hour sax Choir  £10.95

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Take Off Trombone (Bass Clef) Holmes Book & CD  £12.95
Take Off Trumpet Holmes (Book & CD)  £12.50
Take Off With My Flute Book & CD  £11.50
Take Off With Your Alto Sax Holmes Book & CD  £11.50
Take Off With Your Bb Trombone (Book & CD) Treble £9.99
Take Off With Your Clarinet Holmes Book & CD  £11.50