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A Drummer's Perspective $48.32
Aaron Spears: Beyond The Chops - Groove, Musicality & Technique (DVD) $48.24
Abercrombie/Erskine/Mintzer/Patitucci Band DVD $24.60
achievement award/zildjian tribute dvds $30.53
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Video $49.29
Advanced Funk Studies (Book & CD) $32.15
Afro Cuban Drumming DVD $32.82
Anatomy Of A Drum Solo 2 DVDs $59.54
Anatomy Of A Drum Solo Double DVD $64.37
Anthology vol.1 $35.37
Antonio Sanchez Hudson Music Master DVD $32.82
Art of Acoustic Blues Guitar: Early Roots DVD $33.55
Art Of Playing With Brushes (CD & 2 DVDs) $55.40
At The Top DVD $36.13
At The Top Video $6.41
Australia's Ultimate Drummer Weekend 2004 $41.06

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Bass Day 98 DVD $31.18
Bass Day 98 Video $32.15
Benny Greb Language Of Drumming (german) DVDs $48.24
Benny Greb Language Of Drumming 2 DVDs $48.26
Black Book - An Introduction To Creative Metal Drumming $49.29
Breakbeat Bible (Book & CD) $20.87
Buddy Rich Collector's Edition 2 DVDs  $54.22
Buddy Rich Live At Montreal Jazz Festival 82 (DVD) $12.83
buddy rich salute to collins,chambers,smith dvd  $17.66

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Cajon (Book/CD) $24.09
Christmas On Earth: Für Gitarre $16.03
Christmas On Earth: Für Keyboard und Klavier $16.03
Classic Drum Solos & Drum Battles DVD $22.49
Classic Drum Solos & Drum Battles Video $4.80
Classic Drum Solos & Drum Battles vol.2 (DVD) $32.21
Classic Drum Solos & Drum Battles vol.2 Video $4.80
Classic Jazz Drummers Swing & Beyond DVD $36.90
Classic Rock Drum Solos DVD $35.37
Code Of Funk (Book & CD/DVD-ROM) $30.53
Concentrating On Co-ordination (Bk & CD) $24.15
Creative Control 2 DVDs $59.54
Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique DVD $32.16

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Double Bass Drumming (Book & CD) $30.53
Double Trouble (Book & CD) $27.31
Drum Bassadors vol.1 DVD $32.82
Drum Legacy 2 Dvds/cd $48.24
Drum Lesson Planner $7.98
Drum Method vol.1 Beginner English $32.15
Drum Method vol.2 advanced English $32.15
Drumbassadors: One For The Money But Two For The Show (DVD set - 2 discs) $48.26
Drummers Collective 25th Anniversary DVD/CD $55.40
Drum-ROM (2 CD-ROMs) $41.06
Drums Easy 2 Pedagogic System For Advanced Drummers $20.87
Drum-Session (German) $20.87

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Fingerstyle Christmas DVD $37.77
Force Majeure Live @ Queen E Hall DVD $57.57
Francis Rocco Prestia: Live At Bass Day 1998 DVD $29.54
Fresh Approach To Mallet Percussion (Book & CD/DVD) $16.03
Fresh Approach To The Drumset (Bk & CD) $30.53
Fresh Approach To The Snare Drum (Book & CD/DVD) $24.09
Funk Bass Attack video $40.20
Funk R & B Bass 28 Licks Video $4.80
Funk Rhythm Guitar Video  $6.41

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Getting Started on Cajon (+ DVD) $20.87
Getting Started on Cajon (DVD) $21.17
Getting Started on Djembe (+ DVD) $20.87
Getting Started On Drums DVD $24.09
Getting Started On Drums Setting Up Video $4.80
Greg Bissonette Musical Drumming 2 DVDs  $35.37
Groove Alchemy (+ CD) $25.70
Groove Alchemy (DVD) $32.82
Groove Essentials - The Play Along (German) $25.70
Groove Essentials 2 - The Play Along (French) $26.25
groove essentials dvd  $30.53
Guitar Instruction Book + 2 CDs $40.20

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Heck Stick Sidekick & Shaker With Cajon (DVD) $24.60
How To Develop Technique DVD $43.42
How To Develop Technique Video $6.41
How To Develop Your Own Sound DVD $44.34
How To Develop Your Sound Video $6.41
How To Practice DVD $44.34
How To Practice Video $40.20
Hudson Music Master Series DVD $35.37

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Jerry Brown: Inspiration (DVD) $32.82
John Blackwell Master Series DVD $32.82
John Blackwell Technique Grooving/Showmanship DVD $28.99

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Killer Grooves $32.15
Kleine Trommel $20.87
Kosa eleven/live 2006 DVD $32.82

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Lessons Breaking The Code Drum Dvd $32.82
Lessons With The Hudson Greats, Vol. 1 (+ DVD) $20.87
Lionel Hampton Jazz Legend King of The Vibes DVD $16.10
Liquid Drum Theater 2 DVDs $35.37
Liquid Drum Theater Box Set Video $6.41
Liquid Drum Theater vol.1 Video $40.20
Live At Bass Day 1998 Video $4.80
Lost West Side Story Tapes Video $6.41

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Mal Klassisch (CD) $24.09
Marty Friedman Electric Guitar Day One Rock Styles $6.41
Masterclass With Snake Davis DVD  $52.58
Matt Sorum Drum Licks/Tricks From Rock/Roll Jungle $6.41
Messin' Wid Da Bull drums (Bk & CD) $24.09
Mike Portnoy In Constant Motion 3 DVDs $32.13
Mike Stern Guitar Instructional DVD $42.44
Mike Stern Guitar Instructional Video $7.98
Modern Drum Festival 2000 Sunday Video $6.41
Modern Drummer Fest 05 $36.13
Modern Drummer Festival 2003 DVD $32.82
Modern Drummer Festival 2005 DVD $17.63
Modern Drummer Festival 2006 Limited Edition DVD $65.74
Modern Drummer Festival 2006 Sat 9/16 Sun 9/17 DVD $77.25
Modern Drummer Festival 2006 Saturday 9/16 DVD $41.06
Modern Drummer Festival 2006 Sunday 9/17 DVD $41.06
Modern Drummer Festival 2008 4 DVD Set $65.74
Modern Drummer Festival 2008 4 DVDs + T-shirt $65.74
Modern Drummer Festivals 2000 & 2003 DVD $16.44
Modern Percussionist 5 Playing Modern Congas DVD $50.35
Modern Percussionist 6 Groove Basics On Cajon DVD $49.29
Modern Snare Drum (German) $28.92
Multiplicity (Drum World) Video  $40.20

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New Method For Afro-cuban Drumming (Bk & CD) $20.87

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Peter Erskine Trio Live At Jazzbaltica (DVD) $20.93
Playing Congas (DVD) $48.26
Playing With Precision & Power Drums DVD $32.82
Playing with Your Drums (DVD) $16.03
Progressive Drum Concepts DVD  $29.54
Progressive Drum Concepts Video $4.80
Progressive Rock Drumming - Ultimate Drum Lessons (DVD) $17.66
Pulse Of Jazz 2 $13.08

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Quick Guide To Djembe Drumming leicach DVD $29.54
Quick Guide To Playing Doumbek Video $28.92

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Realistic Drum Fills Replacements (Bk & CD) $16.03
Rhythm & Fills  $25.70
Rhythmic Composition: Featuring the Music of Porcupine Tree $20.87
Russ Miller Arrival Behind The Glass DVD/CDs $41.07

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Salute To Buddy Rich -Collins, Chambers, Smith Video $6.41
Secret Weapons For Modern Drummer DVD $48.24
Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer (DVD) $48.24
Set Up Tune & Play Your Drums DVD $16.37
Slap Bass Program DVD $48.26
Snare Drum Basics DVD $19.26
Snare Drum Duets (Book & CD)  $16.03
Soul Of Funky Drummers $4.80
Soul of The Funky Drummers DVD $40.20
Steve Jordan Groove Is Here (DVD) $30.53
Steve Smith Drumset Technique/History U.S Beat DVD $59.54
Super Play Along Drums $27.31
Swing Swing Swing A Tribute To Gene Krupa (Video) $4.80

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Taking Center Stage (Hudson Music DVD) $48.26
Talking Sticks vol.1 (eng) Drum Duets (Book & CD) $32.15
Talking Sticks vol.2 drum Duets eng (Book & CD) $32.15
Technically Speaking DVD $57.57
The Language Of Drumming (Book & CD) $20.87
The Roots of Rock Drumming (+ DVD) $30.53
Thomas Lang Creative Control - Ultimate Mega Pack (Book, CD, And DVD) $72.43
Thomas Lang: Creative Coordination - Ultimate Mega Pack (Book, CD, And DVD) $75.59
Tito Puente King Of Latin Music (Book & CD) $24.09
Tom Hapke Drums Easy & A Lot More 2 DVDs $57.51
Tom Hapke Super Play Along Drums (Book & CD) $27.31
Tommy Igoe Beginner Drum Pack DVD $41.06
Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials 2.0 DVD $30.53
Tommy Igoe: Great Hands For A Lifetime (DVD) drums $30.53
Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials vol.Il play-along (Italian) $27.31
Tony Verderosa Aka Vfx Live At Nyc Video $32.15
Traditional Approach DVD  $41.07
Trevor Rabin Instructional Guitar DVD $21.32
Trust Your Ears Jeff DVD  $24.15

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Ultimate Drum Lessons: Gospel & R&B Drumming (DVD) $17.66
Ultimate Drummers Weekend 10th Anniversary DVD $36.13
Ultimate Drummers Weekend 11th Anniversary DVD $30.60
Ultimate Drummers Weekend 12th Anniversary DVD $19.32
Ultimatives Schlagzeug DVDGerman $41.06

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Vera Cruz Island (Bk & CDs) $25.70
Victor Wooten & Carter Beauford Making Music DVD $35.37
Victor Wooten & Carter Beauford Making Music Video $7.98
Victor Wooten Groove Workshop DVD $48.24
Victor Wooten Live At Bass Day 1998 DVD $36.13

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Way To Polyrhythmic Creativity Drumset $25.70
What Drives The Beat DVD $35.37

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