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A German Requiem - Nezet Seguin (LPO Audio CD) £9.98
A German Requiem Op 45 (LPO Audio CD) £12.95

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Diamond Jubilee Pageant (Lpo Audio CD) £9.98 £8.48
Double Concerto Violin & Viola/Les Illuminations/Variations on a Theme of Fr. Br. (LPO Audio CD) £12.95

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Enigma Variations Op 36/Introduction & Allegro/Our Hunting Fathers Op 8 (LPO Audio CD) £12.95

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Fantasias, The Crazed Moon & The Discovery of Heaven (Lpo Audio CD) £9.98 £8.48

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Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen ("Songs of a Wayfarer") (LPO Audio CD) £9.98 £8.48
LPO Plays Elgar (LPO Audio CD 5-Disc Set)) £39.82

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Manfred Symphony (LPO Audio CD) £9.98 £8.48
Marin Alsop conducts Macmillan, Adès & Higdon (LPO Audio CD) £9.98

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Scherzoid, Evening Songs, When I Woke, Yet Another Set To (LPO Super Audio SACD Super Audio CD) £12.95
Symphony No.2 in C minor 'Resurrection' (Lpo Audio CD 2-disc set) £13.50 £11.48
Symphony No.3 Op. 44 in A minor/Tintagel (LPO Audio CD) £12.95
Symphony No.4 in F minor Op 36/Symphony No.5 Op 64 in E minor (Lpo Audio CD 2-disct set) £13.50 £11.48
Symphony No.8 in Eb major (Lpo Audio CD) (2-disc set) £13.50 £11.48

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Twice Through the Heart, Hidden Love Song, The Torn Fields (LPO Audio CD) £12.95

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War Requiem Op 66 (LPO Audio CD) £13.50 £11.48
War Requiem Op. 66 (LPO Super Audio CD) £15.83