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10 Pieces For Cello & Piano £1.75


Fairy Weavers Unison £1.90
Four Seasonal Songs for unison voices £1.95

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Italian Dance (tarantella) P/solo Coutts  £1.95

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Kalian Dance Piano Solo Coutts  £1.95

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Minuetto for piano 4-hands £2.50
Mrs Dinosaur for unison voices £1.90

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She's Like The Swallow Canadian Folk Song Unison (Leslie Choral Series) £1.75
Song for a Baby Sister / To a Baby Brother for unison choir & piano £1.90
Spanish Hunter Unison £1.10

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The Old Shepherd's Prayer (key: Dm) £3.50
The Penguin Dance for unison voices £1.90
Three Songs For Very Young People Uni  £1.45
Two Icelandic Folk Songs Unison  £1.00
Two Ukrainian Folk Songs £3.75