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A New People's Mass (A) - Full score (REVISED) £3.60

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Celebration Carols (full music) £9.95
Celebration Carols (words edition) £2.95
Celebration Hymnal & Supp (376-723) vol.2 (words)  £1.75
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone - Melody/Guitar Edition (Revised) £50.95
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone - People's Edition £7.50
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone - Revised Mass Settings supplement (Full Music Edition) £16.95
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone (2 vols) Full Music £69.95
Celebration Hymnal For Everyone Full Music 3 vols £50.95
Celebration Hymnal For Everyone Melody/gtr Hardbk  £47.50

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New Songs Of Celebration Melody/guitar  £6.95

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Responsorial Psalter Complete Mb5857 £16.95

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Salisbury Setting Full £2.40

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The Complete Responsorial Psalter £17.95

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Year Of Celebration Melody / Guitar  £8.95