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Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers  $10.57
100 Years of British Music $45.56
25 Albums That Rocked Your World $19.70


A Pure Drop - The Life Of Jeff Buckley $30.35
ABBA Treasures: A Celebration Of Ultimate Pop Group $53.17
Abbey Road updated $22.74
Abitan  $12.09
Absolute Beginners - Harmonica (DVD) $22.74
Absolute Beginners Bass Guitar Video  $7.53
Absolute Beginners Guitar Video $4.53
Absolute Beginners Ukulele DVD $15.14
African Guitar DVD $30.99
Albert Lee Master Session DVD  $9.05
All Hopped Up And Ready To Go - Music From The Streets Of New York 1927-77 $22.74
All The Tunes Youve Ever Wanted To Play $22.80
Amazing Journey: The Life of Pete Townshend  $22.74
Amy Amy Amy the Amy Winehouse Story Pb $15.14
Annie Lennox Biography  $15.14
Aprende Ya! A Tocar Guitarra (Spanish) DVD $17.39
Aprende Ya! A Tocar Piano (Spanish) DVD $17.01
Arcade Fire: Behind The Black Mirror $22.74
Art Of Music Production burgess  $19.70
Art Of Record Production Burgess  $19.70
Art Of Spanish Guitar Method (DVD) $16.67
At This Moment - The Story Of Michael Bublé $30.35

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Bach Great Composer Series $13.61
Back In The Ussr (story Of Rock In Russia $15.14
Beastie Boys In Their Own Words  $13.61
Beatlemania - The Real Story Of Their Uk Tours 1963-1965 $25.78
Beatles Complete Guide To The Music Of..vol.2  $9.05
Beatles Complete Lyrics  $24.26
Beatles Diary Miles  $38.03
Beatles In Hamburg $22.74
Beatles In Liverpool Leigh $22.74
Beatles Phenomenon mlc $53.17
Beethoven - great composers series $13.68
Beginner's Blues Guitar DVD  $35.66
Billboard Book Of Gold & Platinum Records  $15.14
Billie Holiday Companion: Seven Decades of Commentary $15.14
Biography heatley  $16.66
Black Flag Spray Paint The Walls The Story Of $25.78
Black Knight: The Ritchie Blackmore Story $30.35
Bob Brozman In Concert $30.36
Bob Dylan 100 Songs & Pictures Mlc guitar $45.56
Bob Marley Complete Guide To The Music Of..  $7.53
Book Of Rock Quotes $15.14
Born With The Blues 1966-1992 $30.99
Brahms Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers  $13.68
Brother Beyond Biography  $6.01
Bruno Mars $22.74
Butterfly on a Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust $22.74

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Captain Beefheart The Biography barnes $15.14
Catch A Fire: The Life Of Bob Marley (Updated) $28.83
Cher - In Her Own Words $10.57
Chopin Great Composers Series $13.61
Christmas Stocking Singalong Cassette $6.13
Classical Music 1600–2000 - A Chronology $60.77
Complete 5 String Banjo Player DVD $19.70
Complete British Charts 3rd Edition $30.35
Complete Guide To The Music Of Police & Sting $7.59
Complete Guitar Player DVD $15.14
Complete Guitar Player New Edition (Pocket) $19.70
Complete Guitar Player Video Video $1.51
Complete Keyboard Player Omnibus (Complete Keyboard Player series) $19.70
Complete Keyboard Player Pocket Omnibus  $22.74
Complete Piano Player Baker Pocket Omnibus $22.74
Complete Rock Family Trees  $30.35

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Damaged Gods: The Gang of Four Story $22.74
David Bowie: The Music and the Changes $16.66
David Sylvian The Last Romantic (New Updated Edition) $16.66
Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon $22.74
Defenders Of The Faith - The Story of Judas Priest $15.14
Diary vol.1 The Beatles Years $22.74
Dizzy Gillespie (Jazz Life & Times) $10.57
Doc & Merle Watson In Concert DVD $30.99
Doc Watson & Dave Grisman In Concert DVD $30.36
Done & Dusted Mirza  $13.68
Don't Stop Believin' The Untold Story of "Journey" $22.74

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Elizabeth Cotton In Concert 1969 1978 1980 DVD $30.99
Ella Fitzgerald Companion 7 Decades Of Commentary $15.14
Emeli Sandé - Read All About It $22.74
Eminem In His Own Words Weiner  $13.61
Encyclopedia Of Popular Music Concise 5th Edition $30.35
Eric Clapton Master Session DVD  $9.05
Eric Clapton New Visual Documentary Roberty $15.14
Eurythmics In Their Own Words  $4.49
Even More of All The Tunes You've Wanted To Play  $22.80
Exit Music: The Radiohead Story $13.61

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Fade to Black: A Book of Over 1500 Movie Obituaries $30.35
Fall, the Smith/middles  $22.74
Family Kemp Iluustrated Lives Ser  $19.70
Fandemonium Vermorel  $15.14
Fingerstyle Guitar New Dimensions & Explorations 2 $30.36
Fingerstyle Guitar New Dimensions & Explorations 3 $30.36
Folk Rock (DVD & 2 CDs) $27.31
Freddie King Live At The Sugar Bowl $30.99
Freddie King Live In Concert Dallas Texas 1973 DVD $30.36

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George Michael Complete Guide To The Music Of..  $9.11
Gigantic: The Story of Frank Black & The Pixies  $22.74
Gilbert & Sullivan Great Composer Series $12.09
GodSpeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic $16.66
Guitar Electronics For Musicains brosnac $25.78
Guitar Kit (Book & CD/DVD) $31.06
Guitar Kit (Book & CD/DVD) $20.13
Guitar Kit (Book & CD/DVD) $19.70
Guitar Kit (Book & CD/DVD) $31.05
Guitar Kit (Book & CD/DVD) $19.70
Guitar Masters DVD & Cd $30.99
Guitar Masters: Justin Hawkins (DVD & CD) $30.99
Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt 1 DVD  $35.66
Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt 2 DVD  $34.93
Guns & Roses Low Life In The Fast Lane  $13.61
Guns & Roses Master Session DVD  $9.05

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H M - Usa $12.09
Had Me a Real Good Time: The Faces Before During and After (hardback) $30.35
Haircut One Hundred Catalogue  $3.80
Handel Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers $13.61
Hands On Keyboard! - Interactive Method (DVD) $15.14
Holy Rock 'N' Rollers: The Story of Kings of Leon $25.78
How To Read Music $10.57
How To Win X Factor $12.09
How's Your Dad? Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent $22.74

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Ian Curtis Torn Apart The Life Of  $15.14
Ian Dury Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll Life Of P/b  $15.14
Illustrated Disco/biography  $6.01
Illustrated Disco/biography  $6.01
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers  $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers  $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers Hardbk  $19.70
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers Hd/bk $19.70
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers Hdbk $19.70
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers P/b  $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers P/b  $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of Great Composers P/b  $13.61
Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers - Edward Elgar $13.61
In Their Own Words black  $13.61

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James Dean In His Own Words  $10.57
Jazz Gig Journal $12.15
Jewel Bego Biography  $15.20
Jimi Hendrix Master Session DVD  $9.05
John Cassavetes Lifeworks charity  $16.66
John Fahey In Concert & Interviews 1969 & 1996 DVD $30.99
Johnny Cash Life Of An American Idol $15.14
Justice For All The Truth About Metallica  $15.14

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Keith Richards On Keith Richards: Interviews and Encounters $22.74
Korn $19.70
Kris Kristofferson Wild American miller $30.35
Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love (In Their Own Words)  $12.09
Kylie & Jason $6.01

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Learn To Play 5 String Banjo (England/German) DVD $22.74
Learn to Play Piano in 24 Hours (DVD) $15.14
Led Zeppelin Photographs  $30.35
Led Zeppelin The Concert File $16.66
Ledward Kaapana & Bob Brozman In Concert DVD $30.36
Legends Of Country Guitar $30.36
Legends Of Flatpicking Guitar $30.36
Legends Of Old Time Music $30.36
Legends of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar DVD  $30.36
Legends Of Western Swing Guitar $30.36
Leonard Cohen Lyrics Of words Only $19.70
Leonard Cohen: The Music & The Mystique $13.61
Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter (hardcover) $30.35
Long Ago & Far Away white  $30.35
Long Ago And Far Away: James Taylor - His Life And Music $16.66
Lou Reed The Defining Years Doggett $22.74
Lowdown The Story Of Wire $22.74
Lyrics Songs Of Lennon Mccartney Harrison  $24.26

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Madonna Style Book Paperback  $15.14
Making the Grade for Complete Omnibus Edition $15.14 $13.62
Mance Lipscomb In Concert $30.99
Manic Street Preachers In Their Own Words Heatley  $13.61
Marilyn Manson Story Of… $13.61
Meetings With Morrissey $30.35
Meetings With Morrissey paperback $22.74
Metal Gig Journal $12.15
Metallica In Their Own Words Putterford Updated  $13.61
Michael Hutchence Final Days Gee  $15.14
Michael Jackson A Life In Music  $10.57
Michael Jackson Making History Grant  $10.63
Miley Cyrus - Good Girl/Bad Girl $19.70
Mind Over Matter: The Images of Pink Floyd $45.56
Mods: The New Religion $37.95
More Of All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play $22.80
More Rock Family Trees $22.74
Mozart Great Composer Series $13.68
Muddy Waters In Concert 1971 DVD $30.99
Musicians Gig Guide - London '90  $19.70

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Nick Drake Complete Guide To His Music hb $15.14
Nick Drake Complete Guide To His Music hogan pb $12.09
Nirvana Tribute Black  $9.11
No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan $30.35
No More Sad Refrains: The Life and Times of Sandy $22.74
Northern Songs The True Story Of The Beatles Song Publishing Empire $22.74

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Oasis - In Their Own Words $15.14
Off The Record  $30.35
Omnibus Chart Book Of The 80's  $12.09
One Direction Five Lives Maloney $15.14
Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark  $3.80
Overkill: The Untold Story Of Motorhead $22.74

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Paginini Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers $10.57
Paul Gambaccini Close Encounters  $15.20
Perfect Circle: The Story of REM $25.78
Phil Lynott The Rocker putterford p/b  $15.14
Phil Spector - Wall Of Pain (updated edition) $15.14
Pink Split Personality The Story Of  $15.14
Pop Gig Journal $12.15
Procol Harum The Ghosts Of A Whiter Shade Of Pale $30.35

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Queen Visual Documentary  $15.14
Queens of the Stone Age: No One Knows $22.74

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Rachmaninoff Illustrated Lives Of Great Composes  $13.68
Radiohead Complete Guide To Their Music $7.53
Rap Lyrics From The Sugarhill Gang To Eminem $15.14
Rare Peformances 1946-1981 vol.2 DVD $30.36
Ravel Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers  $12.09
Recorder From The Beginning Book s 1 & 2 $15.14
Red River Blues DVD $30.99
Remarks the Story Of R.E.M. Paperback $15.14
Revenge Is Sweet Illustrated Biog Stevens  $19.70
Rock Gig Journal $12.15
Rock With Coldplay (DVD) $30.99
Rock with Eric Clapton (DVD) $27.31
Rock with Metallica DVD  $38.76
Rock With Muse DVD $15.14
Rock With Red Hot Chili Peppers DVD  $30.99
Rolling Stone Years $37.95

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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath $19.70
Schirmer's Complete Rhyming Dictionary $37.95
Schubert Illustrated Lives Of The Great Composers  $15.20
Sex Pistols Inside Story $16.66
Sex Tips from Rock Stars: In Their Own Words $22.74
Shipton (jazz Life & Times)  $10.57
Sinead O'connor So Different  $13.61
Sixteen Stone Tour Photos/text Black/martin  $15.14
Skinhead $12.09
Slipknot Mciver  $22.74
Smiths Middles $12.09
Sniffin' Glue & Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits  $30.35
Someone Like Adele $22.74
Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles $53.17
Sonic Youth Story Psychic Confusion pb $15.14
Steely Dan: Reelin' In The Years $25.78
Stepping It Up DVD $18.56
Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumours $30.35
Story Of Crass $15.14
Stripped Reading Book $19.70
Suede Illustrated Biography Wise  $13.68
Superstar Next Door Arr Stone  $13.61
Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond $15.14

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Talent Is An Asset - The Story Of Sparks $30.35
Talent Is An Asset - The Story Of Sparks $30.35
The Anarchy Tour $25.78
The Bloody Reign of Slayer $15.14
The Boys Are Back In Town  $25.78
The Elvis Archives $12.09
The True Story of Acid House & The Summer of Love $22.74
The Wild American Miller $15.14
This Day in Music: An Every Day Record of Musical Feats and Facts $30.35
Thompson Twins In Their Own Words  $4.49
Together Songwriters Guide To Collaboratio $10.57
Tony Bennett Life Is A Gift - The Zen Of Bennett $30.35
Toyah West  $4.49
Travis Picking For Beginners DVD  $34.93

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U2 3 Chords And The Truth $15.14
U2 A Diary A Complete Day-To-Day History $37.95
U2 File (hot Press U2 History) $12.09
U2 Into The Heart Stories Behind The Songs  $19.70
Ultimate Drummer's Workout DVD $17.01
Under The Ivy - The Life & Music Of Kate Bush $30.35
Under The Ivy: The Life & Music Of Kate Bush (paperback) $22.74
Understanding Music Theory $15.14

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Wailing Blues: Story of Bob Marley's Wailers $30.35
Wailing Blues: The Story of Bob Marley's Wailers $22.74
Where Did Our Love Go (hardback)  $15.14
Where Did Our Love Go (paperback)  $10.57
Whoopin The Blues 1958-1974 DVD $30.99
Who's Laughing Now: The Story of Jessie J $15.14

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Yes Close To The Edge Story Of Yes $15.14
You Really Got Me: The Story of the Kinks $30.35

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