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12 Concertos (Ondine Audio CD 4-disc set) $53.01$45.06
8 Symphonies (Ondine Audio CD 4-disc set) $39.09$33.23


Al Largo; Cello Concerto No. 2; Era (Ondine Audio CD) $21.87$18.59
Aleksis Kivi Opera In Two Acts (Ondine Audio CD 2-disc set) $37.89
Arena 2/Coyote Blues/Tendenza/Corrente (Ondine Audio CD) $21.14

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Brahms-Glanert: Four Serious Songs / Weites Land $21.87

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Cantus Arcticus Symphonies 4 & 5 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Christmas At Ainola Christmas Album (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Cinq Reflets De L'Amour De Loin Etc. (Ondine Audio CD) $21.87$18.59
Clarinet Concerto/Gran Duo/Chorale (Ondine Audio CD) $21.87
Complete Works For Organ (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Concertino Da Camera Triumf Att Finnas Till Etc (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Das Marienleben (Ondine Audio CD) $21.87$18.59

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Folk Voices Finnish Folk Songs Through The Ages (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Gaspard De La Nuit Le Tombeau De Couperin Etc (Ondine Audio CD) $21.14$17.97
GRAFFITI/Seht die Sonne (Ondine Audio CD) $21.14

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Hui Kauhistus! (Ondine DVD) $19.86$16.89

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Little Women Opera In Two Acts (Ondine Audio CD 2-disc set) $29.82$25.34
Lokys The Bear Opera In Three Acts (Ondine Audio CD 2-disc set) $29.82$25.34

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Modificata (Ondine Audio CD) $21.87$18.59

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Piano Concerto/KRAFT (Ondine Audio CD) $20.98
Piano Quartets (Ondine Audio CD) $20.73$17.62
Piano Sonatas - complete/Visions Fugitives Op 22 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Russian Adagios (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Savonlinna Opera Festival Christmas (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86
Scandinavian Rhapsody (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Sculpture Campana In Aria Concerto For Orchestra (Ondine Audio CD) $21.14$17.97
Society of Finnish Composers 50th Anniversary vol.1 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.88$16.90
Society of Finnish Composers 50th Anniversary vol.2 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.88$16.90
Society of Finnish Composers 50th Anniversary vol.3 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.88$16.90
Symphonies 1 & 2 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Symphonies 1-6 (Ondine Audio CD) $44.74$38.03
Symphonies 92 "Oxford" & 99 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89
Symphony No.3 Floral View With Maiden.. (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Trio for Clarinet, Cello & Piano in D minor, Op. 3/8 Pieces, Op. 83 (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89

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Vigilia All-Night Vigil (Ondine Audio CD) $20.98

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Works For Cello & Orchestra (Ondine Audio CD) $19.86$16.89