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(meet) the Flintstones $28.83
10 Little Works From The Great Masters $21.68
12 Carols for Recorders Flexible Recorder Quartet $23.96
12 Jazzy Etudes for Horn, Book 1 $34.91
15 Low Horn Etudes $36.43
1812 Overture (Extracts) Flexible Ensemble $46.40


A Bach Collection for Flute Ensemble $18.18
A Medieval Christmas Spotlight $51.64
A Second Book of Christmas Carols $74.46
A Small World Medley Flex Ens $62.29
A Taste Of England - Easy Cellos Together $27.31
A Taste Of England - Easy Clarinets Together $27.31
A Taste Of England - Easy Flutes Together $27.31
A Taste Of England - Easy Recorders Together $27.31
A Taste Of England - Easy Saxes Together $27.31
A Taste Of England - Easy Violins Together $27.31
Aladdin ensemble Music  $37.27
Allegro From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 4cl $11.41
Amazing Grace for Easy Flexible Ensemble $24.26
American Collection for viola, cello & piano $24.26
American Patrol Flexible Ensemble $25.78
American Patrol Recorder Quartet $14.45
Andaluza (Violin & Piano/Clello $12.09
Andante Grazioso Absolute Beginners Strings $21.22
Arabian Dance (Nutcracker Op. 71)/Trepak Flexible Ensemble $38.79
Arpeggio Waltz & Scaley Tango String Ensemble $24.26
As With Gladness Absolute Beginners $22.74
Autumn From Four Seasons Easy Ensemble $30.35
Away in a Manger (Absolute Beginners) $25.78

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Bethena Flex Ens $41.00
Bethena For Vn, Cello And Piano $25.78
Bethlehem Blues - Unison voices & piano $9.13
Blackadder (tv Theme) 5 Pt Ensemble  $44.04
Blue Danube Clarinet Quartet $12.09
Bohemian Rhapsody Flexible Ensemble (Grades 2-4) $55.52
Book Of Christmas Carols 4pt Absolute Beginners $66.17
Bridal Chorus/Wedding March from Lohengrin for Flexible Woodwind Quartet Score & Parts $10.57

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C Jam Blues (Swing Out) $36.43
Camptown Races PM9174 Classroom Ensemble $22.74
Can-Can Variable Ensemble $49.06
Canon In D Easy Ensemble $25.78
Cantique De Noel: O Holy Night $34.91
Capriccio Per Oboe E Piano $28.83
Carmen Medley Flex Ensemble $86.33
Carol of the Drum Flexible Ensemble $29.66
Carol of the Kings Classroom Ensemble (2-part) $25.78
Cavatina from The Deerhunter $41.00
Cheerful Cha-Cha & Bass Line Blues String Ensemble $22.74
Chopsticks Easy Ensemble $23.58
Christmas Muddley Violin /Vcl/Piano $28.14
Clog Dance $30.35
Colonel Bogey March ensemble  $31.87
Colonel Bogey March Ensemble Music $31.87
Compressed Carols $39.48
Compressed Classics $27.31
Congratulations-Flexible School Ensemble $34.91
Country Gardens Flex Ens $41.00
Courante from Terpsichore $34.91

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Dam Busters March ensemble $68.07
Dance of the Hours Recorder Quartet $12.09
Dance Of The Mirlitons/Chinese Dance (Nutcracker Op. 71) Flexible Ensemble $27.31
Dance Of The Reed Pipes (Nutcracker Op. 71) Recorder 4TET $12.09
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy/March (Nutcracker Op. 71) Flexible Ensemble $36.43
Dancing Queen Absolute Beginners Gold Flexible Ensemble $30.35
Day-O arr. Easy Ensemble $24.26
Diamonds Are Forever (Getting It Together series) flexible $34.23
Divertissement Pizzicati ensemble $25.78
Down By The Riverside Absolute Beginners $36.43
Dr Who (Theme from the original TV series) (Getting it Together Gold) $45.56
Duet (Pearl Fishers) Mixed Ensemble $34.91

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Eastenders Theme for Flexible Ensemble $31.87
Easy Cellos Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Clarinets Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Clarinets Together Early Music  $25.78
Easy Clarinets Together Music For Christmas $24.26
Easy Clarinets Together Music From The Americas $24.26
Easy Clarinets Together Music From The Classics $24.26
Easy Flutes Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Flutes Together Early Music  $25.78
Easy Flutes Together Music For Christmas $41.00
Easy Flutes Together Music From The Americas $43.35
Easy Flutes Together Music From The Classics $24.26
Easy Recorders Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Recorders Together Early Music  $28.83
Easy Recorders Together Music For Christmas $25.78
Easy Recorders Together Music From The Americas $24.26
Easy Recorders Together Music From The Classics $38.79
Easy Recorders Together Music Of Abba $31.87
Easy Saxes Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Saxes Together Early Music  $25.78
Easy Saxes Together Music For Christmas $24.26
Easy Saxes Together Music From The Americas $24.26
Easy Saxes Together Music From The Classics $24.26
Easy Saxes Together Music Of Abba $28.83
Easy Violins Together - A Baker's Christmas Dozen $27.31
Easy Violins Together - Music from the Americas $31.87
Easy Violins Together Early Music  $28.83
Easy Violins Together Music For Christmas $25.78
El Condor Pasa absolute Beginners $24.26
Elizabethan Serenade - Classroom Ensembl $54.00

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Fairwind Foursomes A Nursery Suite Wind Quartet $32.71
Finale from Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor "Farewell" (flexible ensemble) $25.78
Firework Polka $7.61
Flintstones - Muzika Flexible Ensemble $54.00
Florentiner March Variable Ensemble $34.91
Flower Duet Classroom Ensemble $28.83
Flower Duet Fl/cl/Piano $14.07
For Your Eyes Only (Getting It Together series) flexible $34.23
French Collection Absolute Beginners $50.12
Frosty the Snowman Flexible Ensemble $35.75
Funeral March Of A Marionette Fl/cl/Piano $15.14

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Gabriel's Theme (from "The Mission") $30.35
Galop (William Tell) PM9168 Flexible Ensemble $28.83
German Collection Absolute Beginners (score & parts) $45.56
Getting It Together Basse-danse (capriol Suite) $39.48
Getting It Together Can-can flexible Ensemble $33.39
Getting It Together Danse Macabre for flexible ensemble $46.40
Getting It Together Frosty The Snowman flexible $34.91
Getting It Together Have Yourself A Merry Lit Xmas $34.23
Getting It Together Kalinka flexible Ensemble $28.83
Getting It Together La Cucuracha flexible Ens $28.83
Getting It Together Mission Impossible flexible E $36.43
Getting It Together Oh My Darling Clementine $22.74
Getting It Together Sailor's Hornpipe flexible En $32.71
Getting It Together Sorcerer's Apprentice flexible $46.40
Getting It Together Teddy Bears Picnic flexible E $31.87
Getting It Together, Deck The Halls $33.39
Gluck Dance Of The Blessed Spirits Spotlight Serie $45.56
Good The Bad & The Ugly ensemble  $49.06
Great Escape (getting It Together) $39.48
Gwÿr Harlech (Men of Harlech) (Absolute Beginners) $27.31

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Happy White Christmas Ensemble $45.56
Happy White Christmas ensemble  $39.48
Hark The Herald Angels Sing Absolute Beginners $27.31
Havah Nagila (Getting It Together) $41.00
Havah Nagila Flex Ensemble $21.22
Heigh Ho Heigh Ho Absolute Beginners Gold $28.83
Hootchy Kootchy Dance Mixed Ensemble $24.26
Humoreske In A Op. 101/3 Violin /vcl/Piano $10.57

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I Do Like To Be Beside The Sea absolute Beginners $24.26
I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside Flexible Ensemble $36.43
I Have a Dream arr. Flexible Ensemble by Cathrine $28.83
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) Classroom Ensemble $25.78
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing Absolute Beginners $27.31
In Dulci Jubilo Absolute Beginners $22.74

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James Bond Theme Flexible Ensemble $48.60
Jesus Christ Superstar for 5-part ensemble $39.48
Jingle Bells (Absolute Beginners) $24.26
Joy to the World (Absolute Beginners) $28.83
Joy To The World String Ensemble $22.74
Jurassic Park Theme Flexible Ensemble $50.96
Jurassic Park Theme ensemble $34.91

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Kiss Me Kate (flexible ensemble) $45.56

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Land of my Fathers (Hen Wlad fy Nhadau) Flexible Ensemble $25.78
Largo From New World Easy Ensemble $25.78
Little Brown Jug Salsa Absolute Begin $32.71
Little Brown Jug Salsa for Flexible Ensemble $27.31
Little Donkey Flexible Ensemble $25.78
Little Suite For Oboe & Piano $10.59
Live and Let Die (flexible ensemble) $55.52
Londonderry Air String Things Flexible Ensemble $22.74
LORD OF THE DANCE Cathrine Absolute Beginners Ens  $30.35
Lord of the Dance For String Ensemble $22.74

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Mamma Mia (Getting It Together) $36.43
Mamma Mia for Flexible Ensemble $55.14
Mango Walk PM9177 Flexible Ensemble $24.26
March Militaire recorder quartet $12.93
Marche Militaire Muzika Ensemble $27.31
Mattachins for Flexible Ensemble $19.70
Meditation $36.43
Menuet & Trio (Getting it Together) $41.00
Mexican Clapping Song Easy Ensemble $23.58
Midnight in Moscow (Violin/Cello/Piano) $9.05
Midnight in Moscow Flexible Jazz Ensemble $21.22
Mission Hall Stomp Flexible Jazz Ensemble $24.26
Money Money Money Absolute Beginners $36.43
Money Money Money arr. Flexible Ensemble by Kenny $33.39
Morning From Peer Gynt 4fl $14.83
Music For Christmas Easy String Quartets $30.35
Music of Clarinet Ensemble  $49.06
Music of Flute Choir  $46.40
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean Absolute Beginners $22.74
My Fair Lady - medley for ensemble $54.69
My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic)  $27.31
My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic) Absolute Beginners Gold $40.69
My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic) Ensemble $37.95
My Way (arr. ensemble) $37.95

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Nimrod from Enigma Variations $34.91
Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's Dream (Getting it Together) $34.91
Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's Dream String Ensemble $26.62
Nocturne from Quartet No2 for Flute/Clarinet/Piano $11.41
Nocturne from Quartet No2 for Piano Trio arr. Denwood $28.83

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O Isis And Osiris Flexible Ense $28.83
O Little Town of Bethlehem Flexible Ensemble $27.31
Ode to Joy for 3-5 Recorders $11.41
Old MacDonald arr. Easy Ensemble $24.26
Once In Royal David's City Absolute Beginners $27.31
Once Upon a Time in the West (String Ensemble) $47.92

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Papageno's Song from Magic Flute for Easy Ensemble $24.26
Passe-partout 3 Fo(u)r All Bb Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 3 Fo(u)r All C Insts Bass  $7.61
Passe-partout 3 Fo(u)r All Eb Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 3 X 3 Bb Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 3 X 3 C Insts Bass  $7.61
Passe-partout 3 X 3 C Insts Treble  $7.61
Passe-partout 4 X 3 Bb Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 4 X 3 Eb Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 4 X 3 F Insts  $7.61
Passe-partout 5 X 3 C Insts Alto-viola  $7.61
Passe-partout 5 X 3 C Insts Treble  $7.61
Passe-partout 5 X 3 Eb Insts  $7.61
Passepied From Le Roi Piano Trio $9.05
Pavane Ensemble $32.71
Peter & The Wolf Op 67 (arr. Classroom Ensemble) $37.95
Petit Carnaval Des Animaux Flex Ens $45.56
Piano Quintet/String Quartet (Phoenix Edition Audio CD) $23.30
Pink Panther 4-Part Flexible Recorder Ensemble $19.02
Pink Panther Theme (Swing Out) $36.43
Pink Panther Theme Flex Ensemble $42.52

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Radetzky March 4-Part Flexible Recorder Ensemble $12.09
Rags (3) For Four Saxophones $16.66
Rags (3) For Four Violins $23.58
Rags (3) For Two Flutes & Two Clarinets $16.66
Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head String Ensemble $31.87
Recital For Concert Band $115.54
Red Dwarf Theme Flex Ensemble $39.48
Rock A Bye Baby - Absolute Beginners $27.31
Rondeau & Aire (Abdelazer) Flexible Ensemble $41.00
Rondo Alla Turca For 4 Bb Cls $11.41
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Flexible Ensemble $22.74

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Sarabande for Flexible Ensemble $31.87
Scarborough Fair for flexible ensemble (Absolute Beginners) $41.00
Scheherezade Excerpts for Flexible Ensemble $28.83
Search For The Hero (from Absolute Beginners Gold) $30.35
Sentimental Journey Flexible Ensemble $31.87
Seriously Simple Samba & Terrifyingly Tortuous Tango $36.43
Sicilienne Piano Trio $38.79
Silent Night (String Ensemble) $22.74
Silent Night Jazzy Night first Concert Ser $45.64
Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing Flexible Ensemble $39.48
Sleigh Ride $75.98
Sloop John B Flex Ensemble $41.00
Small World Medley Muzika Ensemble Music $66.17
Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of OZ (Getting It Together Gold) $48.60
Spiritual Medley No2 Classroom Ensem $50.12
Spring from '4 Seasons' Flexible Ensemble $25.78
Star Trek - The Next Generation (Getting it Together Gold) $39.48
Stompin With Tk Maryland My Maryland Kenny $17.49
Stompin With Tk storyville Stomp Kenny $17.49
Stop the Cavalry for Easy Flexible Ensemble $25.78
String Starters Hypsilophodon Hoe Down/bronto Rock $25.78
String Starters Noel Nouvelet Sc/pts $41.00
String Things - Deck The Hall (flexible ensemble) $27.31
String Things - Ding Dong Merrily On High (ensemble) $27.31
String Things - My Grandfather's Clock $25.78
String Things Jingle Bells flexible Ensemble $40.69
String Things Silent Night flexible Ensemble $27.31
String Things Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day Ens $27.31
String Things We Wish You A Merry Christmas Ens $27.31
Summer Nights (flexible ensemble) $31.87
Summer Nights (from musical "Grease") arranged for 5pt ensemble $31.87
Super Trooper (Getting It Together series) flexible $38.79
Sweete Kate (classroom ensemble - SA) $28.83
Swing Low Small Group Jazz $22.74
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Absolute Beginners $24.26
Syncopated Clock (for flexible ensemble) $36.43

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Te Deum Prelude Ensemble $28.83
Tea Junction Two $36.43
Teddy Bears Picnic recorder quartet $22.06
Thank You for the Music (ABBA) - flexible string ensemble $47.92
Thank You for the Music arr. Flexible Ensemble by Kenny $45.56
The Elephant - Carnival of the Animals $38.79
The Holly and the (Variegated) Ivy $39.48
Theme From Polovtsian Dances $28.83
Theme from Polovtsian Dances for Flute/Clarinet/Piano $12.93
Theme from Spartacus/The Onedin Line (Flexible Ensemble) Phoenix Music $30.35
Theme From X-Files Flex Ensemble $41.00
Tico-Tico - Classroom Ensemble $31.87
Tis The Season Clarinet & Sax's Together $27.31
Tordion from Capriol Suite $39.48
Toy Symphony For Flexible Ensemble $28.83
Troika from "Lieutenant Kijé Suite Op 60" (arr. classroom ensemble) $41.00
Two Cuban Dances Piano Trio $15.14
Typewriter - Ensemble $68.07

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Wallace & Gromit Theme for Classroom Ensemble Score & Parts $44.04
Waltz (from "Jazz Suite No.2") score & parts $63.81
Water Music Theme Absolute Beginners  $32.71
Waterloo Absolute Beginners Gold Flexible Ensemble $38.79
We Are The Champions (Getting It Together Gold) $45.56
We Three Kings Jazz For Small Groups $28.83
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Absolute Beginners) $30.35
Weasel Goes Pop Felx Ensemble $19.70
West Side Story - medley (arr. classroom ensemble) $71.88
When the Saints Go Marching In recorder quartet $9.89
When The Saints Mixed Ens $25.78
White Christmas Flexible Ensemble $40.69
Whiter Shade Of Pale (Getting It Together) $33.39
Windmills of Your Mind String Ensemble $50.58
Winter Wonderland $41.07
Winter Wonderland Flexible Ensemble $51.64

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Yellow Bird Mixed Ensemble $22.74

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