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4 Lyric Movements For Viola/Piano  £10.95


Along Came Man £9.95

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Big Maggot & The Butterflies (Book & CD) £13.50
Birds Suite Parts  £12.70

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Carols For Christmas Op. 78 score £3.95
Carols For Christmas Op. 78 violin part £1.50
Christ Is Born Unison  £0.50
Companion Pieces For Fast Trackers Viola & Piano £7.90
Companion Pieces For Fast Trackers Violin Part  £3.95
Concerto For Violin/orchestra Op. 70 score  £16.95
Concerto Op. 70 violin £9.95

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Dale Chamber Concerto Op. 76 rec/str score  £7.95
Day One To Grade One (10 Very Easy Pieces)  £3.75
Descants For Christmas  £3.90

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Eleven British Songs Dale (descant Or Tenor & Pno) £6.95

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Fast Tracking Fiddle Part 1 (Book & CD) £14.50
Fast Tracking Fiddle Part 2 £11.95
Fast Tracking Viola Part 1  £8.95
Fast Tracking Viola Part 2  £8.95
Favourites vol.2 (string quartet ensemble score & parts) £16.50
First Concert (15 first position pieces) £6.95
First Concert (15 first positon pieces) viola £6.50

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Gange Concertino Marziale Trumpet  £6.95
Grasshoppers Dance For Wind Quintet £10.95

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Henry Purcell Favourites, Level 1 - String Quartet £18.95
Humbug libretto £5.95
Humbug vocal score £13.90

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Jaunty Horn (for horn in F & piano) £10.50
Jaunty Horn Eb Horn & Piano £6.95

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Latin Lilt recorder  £4.50

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Metrication Song £1.25
Mozartissimo (mozart Story) Arr Score  £5.50

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Pied Piper (libretto) £3.90
Pied Piper (score) £16.95

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Rejoice And Be Merry Unison £0.30

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Serendipity Solos £6.99
Sonata Dmin viola £3.95
Sonatina in G Major for Viola & Piano  £5.90
Sonatina Op. 81 £7.95
Sonatina Op. 81 For Double Bass & Piano  £11.95
Sparrowhawk Score £8.95
Spooky Songs £5.99
Stardance Teachers Bk/cass Pack  £14.40
Steelpan Handbook £5.90
Steelpan Master The Tenor Pan Tutor £16.50
Steelpan Panaphon gallimauphrey Of Gambols £18.00
Streamline Your Sight Reading (treble clef) £11.25

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Ten Descant Duets £3.95
The Double Bass Sings £12.50
Three Bagatelles for oboe, clarinet in Bb & bassoon £13.50
Three Easy Pieces violin £3.95
Threesome Score & Parts £6.50
Toy Box £10.92

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Viola Walkways (viola & piano) £12.95

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Well Tempered Flautist (Part One) £10.50
Well Tempered Flautist (Part Two) £7.90