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Bass Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter £10.00

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Chrome-Plated Brass Guitar Slide, Large £11.75
Chrome-Plated Brass Guitar Slide, Medium £11.75
Chrome-Plated Brass Guitar Slide, Small £8.99
Classic Series Instrument Cable, 10 feet £11.99
Classic Series Instrument Cable, Right Angle Plug, 10 feet £10.99
Classic Series Instrument Cable, Right Angle Plug, 20 feet £11.99
Classic Series Patch Cable, 3-pack, Right-Angle, 6 Inches £13.50
Classic Series XLR Microphone Cable, 25 feet £16.50
Custom Series Instrument Cable with Compression Springs, 10 feet £17.99
Custom Series Instrument Cable, Right Angle, 10 feet £19.50

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Foam Ear Plugs, Pair £1.49

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Glass Bottle Slide £9.10
Glass Slide, Large £7.75
Glass Slide, Medium £8.50
Glass Slide, Small £7.25
Guitar Headstand £13.60

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Lemon Oil - cleaner £5.75

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Metronome PW-MT-01 £19.50

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NS Capo Lite £12.95
NS Micro Headstock Tuner £17.50
NS Ukulele Capo Pro £19.00

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Polypropylene Guitar Strap , Rainbow £5.50
Polypropylene Guitar Strap, Black £4.99
Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter £10.50

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Screeching Halt Acoustic Soundhole Cover £8.75

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VariGrip Hand Exerciser £13.00