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16 Characteristic Studies for bassoon £6.50
3 Harveynian Showpieces £9.95


Blue Sonatine Jazz (clarinet) £11.75

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In The Groove (alto sax & piano) £6.50
In The Groove (bassoon & piano) £6.95
In The Groove (oboe) £6.50
In The Groove for Clarinet and Piano £8.00
In the Groove for Flute and Piano £8.00

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Latin Timeshift (clarinet) £5.95
Latin Timeshift/On A Roll (2 clarinets & piano) £8.75

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November Blues for Clarinet £9.00

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Oboe Sonatina £11.95

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Sonata (alto saxophone) £11.75
Sonatina (alto sax) £11.95
Sonatina (baritone sax & piano) £11.95
Sonatina (tenor saxophone) £12.50
Sonatina for Flute & Piano £12.50
Sonatina for Soprano Saxophone & Piano £11.95
Southwold Sonatina £11.95
Spanish Serenade (oboe) £4.95 £4.21
Suite In Baroque Form £8.95
Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze (from "The Mikado") oboe £2.85

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Track & Field for Clarinet £8.00
Track & Field Oboe Studies £6.95