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Jam With AC/DC (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £19.95
Jam With Blues Masters (Book & CD) £18.99
Jam With Buddy Holly £19.95
Jam With Dire Straits Book & 2 CDs (Guitar Tablature) £24.95
Jam With Santana (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £18.99
Jam with The Eagles Guitar (Book & CD) £18.99
Jam With Thin Lizzy (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £19.95
Jam With Van Halen (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £18.99
Jam With Whitesnake (Book & CD) (Guitar Tablature) £18.99

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Total Accuracy Alternative Rock2 (Book & CD)/cass Guitar £30.63