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A Christmas Carol with sound panel £12.99

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Baby's First Christmas with music CD £9.99
Baby's Very First Noisy book: Christmas with sound panel £9.99

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Christmas Carols Sticker Book £6.99
Christmas Carols to play £9.99
Classical Music Sticker Book £6.99

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First Book Of The Keyboard £7.99
First Book of the Piano £7.99

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Jingle Bells with sound panel £12.99

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Learn To Play Guitar £7.99
Little Ballerina Dancing (+ CD) £11.60
Little Children's Bedtime Music Book £12.99
Little Children's Music Book £12.99

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Musical Christmas with sound panel £12.99
My First Keyboard Book £12.99

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Noisy Orchestra (book & sound panel) £12.99

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Singalong Nursery Rhymes (+ CD) £9.99
Sleeping Beauty with musical sounds £12.99
Swan Lake with musical sounds £12.99

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The Nutcracker with musical sounds £12.99
The Usborne Famous Composers Sticker Book £7.99

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Usborne Big Keyboard Book £14.99
Usborne Book Of Christmas Carols £4.99
Usborne Children's Songbook £4.99
Usborne Christmas Songbook £12.99
Usborne Easy Guitar Tunes £5.99
Usborne Easy Piano Classics spiral Hardback £12.99
Usborne Easy Piano Tunes (over 60 Tunes) Spiral Hardback £12.99
Usborne First Book About The Orchestra £12.99
Usborne First Book Of The Piano (Book & CD) £9.99
Usborne First Book Of The Recorder £7.99
Usborne Introduction To Music (Internet Linked)  £8.99
Usborne Little Book Of Christmas Carols (Book & CD) £6.99
Usborne Little Book of Christmas Carols ('pocket-sized' hardback edition)  £4.99
Usborne Nursery Rhyme Songbook £5.99
Usborne Nursery Rhyme Songbook Book & CD  £8.88
Usborne Very Easy Piano Tunes £6.99
Usborne Very Easy Recorder Tunes £6.99

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Very Easy Guitar Tunes £5.99