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A Love Supreme (GRP/Impulse Blu-ray Audio) £24.00
A Mary Christmas (Verve Audio CD) £14.50
April in Paris (Verve LP) £16.50

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Big Band Bossa Nova (Verve Blu-ray Audio) £24.00
Broken Wing (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Charlier Parker With Strings (Verve LP) £16.50
Conversations With Myself (Verve LP) £16.50

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Ella & Louis (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Ella & Louis For Lovers (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Ella & Louis/ Ella & Louis Again (Verve Blu-ray Audio) £24.00
Ella and Louis (Verve LP) £16.50
Exclusively For My Friends Vol. 3 - The Way I Really Play (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Getz / Gilberto (Verve Blu-ray Audio) £24.00
Gilbert Gravy (Verve LP) £16.50
Great Connection (Remastered Anniversary Edition) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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I Put A Spell On You (Verve Blu-ray Audio) £24.00

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Jazz For The Road (Jazz Club) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Jazz Giants '58 (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Jazz Masters 24: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Lady Sings The Blues (Jazz Club) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Lady Sings The Blues (Verve LP) £16.50
Let It All Out (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Let's Fall in Love (Jazz Club) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
Love To Love You Donna (Verve Audio CD) £16.50
Love To Love You Donna (Verve LP) £25.00

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Mellow Mood (Exclusively For My Friends Vol. 5) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Night Train (Verve LP) £16.50
Nina Simone's Finest Hour (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Oscar Peterson For Lovers (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Quincey Jones Big Band Bossa Nova (Verve LP) £16.50

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Shadow Theater (Verve Audio CD) £14.50
Stan Getz Big Band Bossa Nova (Verve LP) £16.50

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That's What I Say (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
The Cat (Verve LP) £16.50
The Cole Porter Songbook (Verve Audio CD) £7.00
The Look of Love (Verve Blu-ray Audio) £24.00
The Sound Of America: The Singles Collection (Verve Audio CDs) £37.00
Tristeza On Piano (Remastered Anniversary Edition) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00

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Wallflower (Verve Audio CD) £14.99
Wallflower (Verve Deluxe Audio CD) £18.50
Wallflower (Verve LP) £25.00
With Respect To Nat (Oscar Peterson) (Verve Audio CD) £7.00