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3 Chansons for 4 Trombones £11.95


Alexanders Ragtime Band Berlin Arr Wasson Quintet  £11.00
Alme Ingrate (Ungrateful Souls) for trombone Bass Clef £13.50

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Dallas Theme Brass Quintet £18.50 £15.73
Danza Espagnola for Tuba/Euphonium (Bass Clef) £8.00
Danza Espanola trombone (euphonium)  £14.95

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In Darkest Africa Tbne piano £7.95 £6.76

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Jener Donnerworte Kraft (score & parts) £9.50 £8.08
Jener Donnerworte Kraft (tromb/voice/pno) £4.95

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Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo Trumpets from D to High Bb £33.25
Orchestral Excerpts Trombone & Tuba vol.1  £10.45

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s Wonderfuls Bb Inst & Piano £12.95
Sax Therapy Duets Alto & Tenor £7.95
Sax Therapy Jazz Duets Alto/tenor Saxophone £5.50
Scarborough Fair 4 Trombones £10.95
Scarborough Fair Trombone Quartet  £9.50
Solo Baroque Trombone Chamber Music vol.1 (sc/pts) £7.95
St Louis Blues Brass £12.95 £11.01

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T For Tuba Tuba/piano £9.50
Three Jazz Moods - trombone & piano £19.50

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Yesterday Arr Brass Quintet £18.95 £16.11