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Cours méthodique de duos 1 Op. 49 (2 cellos) Book & CD (Offenbach Edition Keck) $32.25

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Decameron Dramatique - 10 Dances for Piano (Offenbach Edition Keck) $22.43

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Grand concerto (Offenbach Edition Keck) piano reduction with cello solo $35.06

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La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein (OEK) - Vol.1 $65.92
La Priere de Moise Sc/Pt (Offenbach Edition Keck) $32.25
La Vie Parisienne (1866/67/73). Supplement (Offenbach Edition Keck) $14.01
La Vie Parisienne Full Score plus CD-ROM (Offenbach Edition Keck) $280.56
La Vie Parisienne Vocal Score French/German (Offenbach Edition Keck) $77.15
Les Contes d'Hoffmann (vocal/piano score) $79.26
Les Voix mystérieuses (1852) (Offenbach Edition Keck) $28.04

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Orphee aus Enfers full score including CD ROM (Offenbach Edition Keck) $183.75
Orphée aux Enfers (1858) (Offenbach Edition Keck) $12.61
Orpheus in the Underworld Vocal Score French/German $57.50