Benjamin Britten: Folk Song Arrangements (Hyperion Audio CD)

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More Product Details

Regina Nathan (soprano)
Lorna Anderson (soprano)
Jamie MacDougall (tenor)

Recording details: July 1994
St Alban's Church, Holborn, London, United Kingdom


Contents and Reviews

Down by the Salley Gardens (Anonymous/Britten)
Little Sir William (Anonymous/Britten) 'Easter day was a holiday'
The bonny Earl O'Moray (Anonymous/Britten) 'Ye Hielands and ye Low-lands'
O can ye sew cushions? (Anonymous/Britten)
The trees they grow so high (Anonymous/Britten)
The ash grove (Anonymous/Britten) 'Down yonder green vallley where streamlets meander'
Oliver Cromwell (Anonymous/Britten) 'Oliver Cromwell lay buried and dead'
La noël passée (Anonymous/Britten)
Voici le printemps (Anonymous/Britten)
Fileuse (Anonymous/Britten) 'Lorsque j'étais jeunette, je gardais les moutons'
Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse (Anonymous/Britten)
La belle est au jardin d'amour (Anonymous/Britten)
Il est quelqu'un sur terre (Anonymous/Britten)
Eho! Eho! (Anonymous/Britten)
Quand j'étais chez mon père (Anonymous/Britten)
The plough boy (Shield/Britten) 'A flaxen-headed cowboy, as simple as may be'
There's none to soothe (Anonymous/Britten)
Sweet Polly Oliver (Anonymous/Britten) 'As sweet Polly Oliver lay musing in bed'
The miller of Dee (Anonymous/Britten) 'There was a jolly miller once lived on the river Dee'
The foggy, foggy dew (Anonymous/Britten) 'When I was a bachelor I lived all alone'
O Waly, Waly 'The water is wide' (Anonymous/Britten)
Come you not from Newcastle? (Anonymous/Britten)
The brisk young widow (Anonymous/Britten) 'In Chester town there liv'd a brisk young widow'
Sally in our alley (Carey/Britten) 'Of all the girls that are so smart'
The Lincolnshire poacher (Anonymous/Britten) 'When I was bound apprentice in famous Lincolnshire'
Early one morning (Anonymous/Britten)
Ca' the yowes (Anonymous/Britten)
I will give my love an apple (Anonymous/Britten)
Sailor-boy (Anonymous/Britten) 'We go walking on the green grass'
Master Kilby (Anonymous/Britten) 'In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely'
The soldier and the sailor (Anonymous/Britten) 'as the soldier and the sailor was a-walking one day'
Bonny at morn 'with guitar' (Anonymous/Britten) 'The sheep's in the meadows'
The shooting of his dear (Anonymous/Britten) 'O come all you young fellows that carry a gun'
Lord! I married me a wife (Anonymous/Britten)
She's like the swallow (Anonymous/Britten)
Lemady (Anonymous/Britten) 'One midsummer's morn as I was a-walking'
Bonny at morn 'with harp' (Anonymous/Britten) 'The sheep's in the meadows, the kye's in the corn'
I was lonely and forlorn (Anonymous/Britten)
I was lonely and forlorn (Anonymous/Britten)
The false knight upon the road (Anonymous/Britten) 'The knight meet the child in the road'
Bird scarer's song (Anonymous/Britten) 'Shoo all 'er birds you be so black'
Bird scarer's song (Anonymous/Britten) 'Shoo all 'er birds you be so black'
Sail on, sail on (Anonymous/Britten)
How sweet the answer (Anonymous/Moore/Britten)
The minstrel boy (Anonymous/Britten)
At the mid hour of night (Anonymous/Britten)
Rich and rare (Anonymous/Britten)
Dear harp of my country! (Anonymous/Britten)
Oft in the stilly night (Anonymous/Britten)
The last rose of summer (Anonymous/Moore/Britten)
O the sight entrancing (Anonymous/Moore/Britten)