Herissone, Raymond: Synopsis of Vocal Musick by A.B. Philo-Mus. (Ashgate Books) Hardback

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Subtitle: Music Theory in Britain, 1500–1700: Critical Editions

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Contents: Preface; Introduction. Synopsis of Vocal Musick: The preface; Epistola Dedicatoria; Of Vocal Musick in general; Of the Notes; Of the Pricks; Of the Pauses; Of the Signs of the Common Time; Of the slower Triple; Of the Swifter Triple; Of the Swiftest Triple; Of the slower Sesquialtre; Of the Swifter Sesquialtre; Of the Swiftest Sesquialtre; Of the Systems; Of the Bars, and Repeats; Of the Cliffs; Of the Use of Cliffs in respect of Voices; Of the Use of Cliffs in respect of Notes; Of the Syllables; Of the Scale of Musick; Of the Order of the Generation of the Degrees; Of the Intervals of the Degrees; Of the agreeableness of the Cliffs and Syllables with the Degrees of the Scale of Musick; Of the generation of an Eighth in b flat; Of the lesser principal and secondary contained signs; Of the signs of the breadth of sounds, and of things; Of the signs of the Ornaments of Songs; Of the second Mean to attain the Art of Musick. Twelve Most Usual Tunes of Psalms: In Three Parts. Treble, Mean, and Bass; Twelve Selected English Tunes in Three Parts. Two Trebles and a Bass; Twelve Selected English Catches A. 3. Voc. Composed by sundry Authors; Fourteen Italian Songs Composed by Giovanni Giacomo Castoldi da Carravaggio; Notes; Critical commentary; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.