Mayhew, Jim: Songs of the Nations: American Indian Music Adapted for the Native American Flute (Book/CD Set)

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Songs of the Nations: American Indian Music Adapted for the Native American Flute (Book/CD Set)

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MB30060BCD - Songs of the Nations Book and CD Set: American Indian Music Adapted for the Native American Flute, by Jim Mayhew.This book with accompanying audio is a detailed guide to learning how to play these songs on the Native American flute. Delve into a deeper understanding of the Native American flute with this unique collection of songs specifically tailored for this beautiful instrument. American Indian music is taken from several Nations - Cheyenne, Lakota, Papago, Ojibwa and many more.

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Introduction Reading Nakai TAB About This Collection Chippewa Little Plover Flute Melody Love Song #2 When I Think of Him (Her) I Am Thinking of Her Come, Let Us Sing Go With Me Song of an Ambitious Mother Why Should I Be Jealous My Love Must Be Sorrowful Weeping For My Love Do Not Weep In Her Canoe Do Not Weep He Is Gone Lullaby Menominee Flute Melody #1 Flute Melody #2 Love Song - A Love Song - B Love Song - D Love Song - C Lullaby - B My Tapping Stick You Are Struggling The Slender-Legged Animals I Will See A Bear Mocassin Game Song - A Song of the Beggar's Dance War Song Concerning the Owls Song of Protection During the Civil War Song Concerning a Captive Woman Northern Cheyenne Song of the Chief Dance Song Addressed to Eagle Nest Hand Game Song Singing for that Bean Looking For My Horses Going Toward That Paint We Cannot Turn Back A Hard Road He Has Gone The Stones Endure (Old War Song) Badger Medicine Song Grandfather Helps Me Heal Song for Treating Sick Babies Arapaho On My Enemies Ground Song of War Dance (Yellow Horse) Song of The Gift Dance WWI War Song (Yellow Horse) Lakota Swift Dog's Love Song Blue Cloud's Love Song Come Song of the Maiden's Leap Owls Hooting The Sunrise Song of Healing An Appeal to the Bear Song of the Bear Horses I Am Bringing A Short Time Song in Honor of Gabriel Renville (Sisseton Chief) I Look for Him In Vain Song Concerning Sitting Crow Song of the Famine A Hard Time I Have Mandan/Hidatsa Buffalo Society Dance Song Buffalo Society Serenade - B Need I Be Afraid? Foolish Dog Society Serenade Song to the Raven Song of Derision Song of the Bear Song of the Shell Gardening Song (Kill the Blackbirds) Song on the Roof of the Lodge I Cannot Sleep Old War Song War Song Song of the Black Eagle The Youngest Wife of the Chief My Lover is Dead Pawnee You Need Not Fear the Horse I Am Exalted Among the People Mother's Song for A Dead Baby Folk Tale Song B Song of the Strange Little Boy Song of Affection Women's War Song A Woman Welcomes the Warrior The Horse is Shouting Song for Returned Pawnee WWI Soldiers Brown Bear's Song (Crying Song) Father Gave Me a Pipe Choctaw Steal Partner Dance Song - B Steal Partner Dance Song - C Terrapin Dance Song - B Quail Dance Song Pleasure Dance Song Bullet Game Song - A Bullet Game Song - B Rabbit in the Garden A Dog Chases a Racoon Victory Song Seminole Friendship Song - C Friendship Song - D Buffalo Dance Song - B It Moves About As It Feeds Hunting Dance Song - F Hunting Dance Song - G Hunting Dance Song - I Hunting Dance Song - M Hunting Dance Song - N Hunting Dance Song - O Hunting Dance Song - Q Hunting Dance Song - S Hunting Dance Song - V The Unsuccessful Hunter - A Alligator Dance Song - B Possum Calls For Her Lost Baby Northern Ute Bear Dance Song - C Bear Dance Song - I Dance Faster (Dream Song) Hand Game Song - A Smoking Song - C Tea Dance Song - A Tea Dance Song - B Tea Dance Song - C (Part 2) Parade Song (G) Song Used in Treatment of Sick - K Dance Song - C On a Mountain, The Noise of the Wind Papago The World Would Burn Without the Rain Song of Brown Buzzard After Removing His Scalp Song Concerning the Black Snake The Rocks Are Making a Noise Four Fires on the Ground The Girls Are Approaching Terrible in its Power to Destroy Song of the Women By the Sea It Is Time to Pay Your Wager Little Girl, Come and Help Us Sing Brown Lizard Song of a Medicine Woman on Seeing That a Sick Person Will Die He Will Run Around the Salt Bed Song for Success in a Race The Man Who Has No Joy It Is the Woodpecker Zuñi Pleasure Dance Song - A Pleasure Dance Song - B The Rain Is Coming At The Rainbow Spring - B The Rain Gods Speak Badger Woman Speaks Harvest Dance Song Comanche Dance Song Acoma Flower Dance Song Corn Plant, I Sing For You The Sun-Youth Has Risen in the East Hunter's Prayer Song Deer and Antelope Song Isleta Hunci Dance – Second Song War Song (C) 49 Dance Song Yuma and Yaqui Song of the Meadowlark and the Diver Song Concerning the Quail Dance of the Waterbug Song of the Blackbird - A Song of the Blackbird - B The Redbird Speaks The Redbird and His Shadow The Song of the Nighthawk The Wonder Boy (Miapa'khumi) Decides to Change His Name to Pa'kohan Song Concerning the Wild Cat White Cloud Demonstrates His Power The Sky is in Darkness Me'sipa Dies Coyote Seizes the Heart Lullaby Sleep My Baby