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Various: Art of Song Grade 6 (High Voice)

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Series: Art of Song

Department: Vocal & Opera - Vocal Collections - High Voices

Publisher: Peters Edition

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More Product Details

Grade Exam Music

This product includes pieces featured in grade exams. Click on a grade to view the full syllabus.

ABRSM Singing from 20096 

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This revised and expanded edition of the long-established The Art of Song series includes all the songs in the original edition together with a considerable amount of new material, all presented in a new larger format.

Drawing on the comprehensive Edition Peters catalogue and incorporating new editions of many songs, The Art of Song series provides: an extensive selection of songs and arias from the new ABRSM singing syllabus (valid from 2009); new editions of wide-ranging repertoire covering composers from Purcell and Byrd through Brahms and Schubert to Verdi and Sullivan; new versions of songs in different keys to suit different voice-types


Contents and Reviews

Campion, Thomas
Oft have I sigh'd: "Oft have I sigh'd", engl. -Tonumfang: e' - e''- (Thomas Campion 1567 - 1620)

Ford, Thomas
Fair sweet cruel: "Fair sweet cruel, why dost thou fly me?", engl. -Tonumfang: d' - f''- (Thomas Ford 1580 - 1648)

Gibbons, Orlando
The silver swan: "The silver swan, who, living, had no note", engl. -Tonumfang: es' - f''- (Orlando Gibbons 1583 - 1625)

Munro, George
My lovely Celia: "My lovely Celia, heav'nly fair", engl. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (George Munro gestorben 1731)

Haydn, Joseph
Piercing Eyes: "Why asks my fair one of I love!", engl. -Tonumfang: e' - g''- (Joseph Haydn 1732 - 1809)

Haydn, Joseph
She never told her love: "She never told her love", engl. -Tonumfang: d' - f''- (Joseph Haydn 1732 - 1809)

Purcell, Henry
Nymphs and shepherds: "Nymphs and shepherds, come away" aus: The Libertine, engl. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695)

Purcell, Henry
Since from my dear: "Since from my dear" aus: Dioclesian, engl. -Tonumfang: d' - f''- (Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695)

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
Cuius animam gementem: "Cuius animam gementem" aus: Stabat Mater, lat. -Tonumfang: f' - as''- (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi 1710 - 1736)

Purcell, Henry
Turn then thine eyes: "Turn then thine eyes", engl. -Tonumfang: c' - f''- (Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695)

Purcell, Henry
Pursue thy conquest: "Pursue thy conquest, Love" aus: Dido and Aeneas, engl. -Tonumfang: d' - f''- (Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695)

Beethoven, Ludwig van
An die Geliebte: "O daß ich dir vom stillen Auge", dt. -Tonumfang: e' - e''- (Ludwig van Beethoven 1770 - 1827)

Brahms, Johannes
Dein blaues Auge: "Dein blaues Auge hält so still", dt. -Tonumfang: b - g''- (Johannes Brahms 1833 - 1897)

Brahms, Johannes
Der Schmied: "Ich hör' meinen Schatz", dt. -Tonumfang: g' - g''- (Johannes Brahms 1833 - 1897)

Brahms, Johannes
Komm bald: "Warum denn warten von Tag zu Tag?", dt. -Tonumfang: dis' - g''- (Johannes Brahms 1833 - 1897)

Brahms, Johannes
Sonntag: "So hab' ich doch die ganze Woche", dt. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (Johannes Brahms 1833 - 1897)

Schubert, Franz
Frühlingslied: "Die Luft ist blau, das Tal ist grün", dt. -Tonumfang: e' - g''- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)

Schubert, Franz
Der Lindenbaum: "Am Brunnen vor dem Tore", dt. -Tonumfang: h - e''- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)

Schubert, Franz
Romanze: "Der Vollmond strahlt auf Bergeshöhn" aus: Rosamunde, dt. -Tonumfang: c' - es''- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)

Schubert, Franz
Ständchen: "Leise flehen meine Lieder", dt. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (Franz Schubert 1797 - 1828)

Schumann, Robert
Der Nußbaum: "Es grünet ein Nußbaum vor dem Haus", dt. -Tonumfang: d' - fis''- (Robert Schumann 1810 - 1856)

Schumann, Robert
Marienwürmchen: "Marienwürmchen, setze dich auf meine Hand", dt. -Tonumfang: f' - f''- (Robert Schumann 1810 - 1856)

Wolf, Hugo
Auf ein altes Bild: "In grüner Landschaft Sommerflor", dt. -Tonumfang: fis' - eis''- (Hugo Wolf 1860 - 1903)

Wolf, Hugo
Bescheidene Liebe: "Ich bin wie andre Mädchen nicht", dt. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (Hugo Wolf 1860 - 1903)

Schumann, Robert
Frühlingsgruß: "So sei gegrüßt vieltausendmal", dt. -Tonumfang: d' - g''- (Robert Schumann 1810 - 1856)

German, Edward
O peaceful England: "O peaceful England, While I my watch am keeping", engl. -Tonumfang: c' - e''- (Edward German 1862 - 1936)

Sullivan, Arthur
Love is a plaintive song: "Love is a plaintive song" aus: Patience, engl. -Tonumfang: e' - a''- (Arthur Sullivan 1842 - 1900)

Sullivan, Arthur
When first my old, old love I knew: "When first my old, od love I knew" aus: Trial by Jury, engl. -Tonumfang: e' - fis''- (Arthur Sullivan 1842 - 1900)

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