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Edited by Ulrich Leisinger, fingerings by Heinz Scholz, notes on interpretation by Robert D. Levin

"18 Sonatas form the core of Mozart's work for his favourite instrument. Mozart offered these works to publishers without ever proof-reading the results, giving cause for much debate over certain passages. Each sonata has at least two autographs, and we are greatly indebted to Robert Levin for merging the two sources together while trying to sort out the most probable original text. It is always rewarding to understand the workings of the minds of geniuses and that is exactly what these new erudite editions have placed in our hands."

As reviewed in Piano Journal Magazine

The Wiener Urtext Edition is a critical musicological edition for practical use and is distinguished from many other Urtext editions by comprehensive textual information in German and English and partly also in French.

• Reliable musical text on the basis of the sources reflecting the composers’ ideas as authentic as possible
• Significant text variants for performance practice
• Useful fingerings for musical practice
• Page layout for practical use with convenient page turns
• Clearly printed, reader-friendly layout on high-contrast music paper
• Sustainably printed with green power

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