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Aikin: Player's Guide To Chords & Harmony (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Alexander: Masters of Jazz Guitar Book & CD (Backbeat Books)$31.04Add to basket
Alkyer, Frank: Downbeat: The Great Jazz Interviews (75th Anniversary edition) (Backbeat Books)$23.32Add to basket
Anderton, Craig: Do It Yourself Projects For Guitarists (Backbeat Books)$21.71Add to basket
Avalon, Moses: Secrets of Negotiating A Record Contract: The Musician's Guide to Understanding &d Avoiding Sneaky L (Backbeat Books)$24.82Add to basket
Babiuk, Andy: Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four's Instruments, from Stage to Studio (Backbeat Books)$38.82Add to basket
Bacon & Day: Fender Book Hardback (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: 50 Years of Gretsch Electrics (Backbeat Books)$23.26Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: 50 Years Of The Gibson Les Paul (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: 60 Years Of Fender (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: History of the American Guitar (Backbeat Books)$34.15Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: Rickenbacker Electric 12 String Guitar (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: Six Decades Of The Fender Telecaster (Backbeat Books)$24.82Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: Squier Electrics: 30 Years of Fender's Budget Guitar Brand (Backbeat Books)$27.93Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: The Les Paul Guitar Book (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: The Stratocaster Guitar Book: A Complete History of Fender Stratocaster Guitars (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Bacon, Tony: The Telecaster Guitar Book (Backbeat Books)$27.93Add to basket
Badman, Keith: Beach Boys The Definitive Diary of America's Greatest Band On Stage and In the Studio (Backbeat Books)$29.49Add to basket
Barone, Richard: Frontman: Surviving The Rock Star Myth (Backbeat Books)$23.32Add to basket
Beloff, Jim: Ukulele: A Visual History (Backbeat Books)$35.01Add to basket
Black, Johnny: Reveal: the Story of R.E.M. (Backbeat Books)$23.26Add to basket
Blecha: Taboo Tunes (Backbeat Books)$18.59Add to basket
Bloomfield, Michael: If You Love These Blues (Backbeat Books)$24.82Add to basket
Bogdanov, Vladimir: All Music Guide To Rock (Backbeat Books)$34.15Add to basket
Braid, David: Play Classical Guitar (Book & CD) hb (Backbeat Books)$31.04Add to basket
Brend, Mark: Rock & Roll Doctor: Lowell George: Guitarist, Songwriter, & Founder of Little Feat (Backbeat Books)$21.71Add to basket
Burrluck, Dave: Player's Guide To Guitar Maintenance (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Burrluck, Dave: PRS Guitar Book: A Complete History of Paul Reed Smith Guitars (Backbeat Books)$35.71Add to basket
Carson, Annette: Jeff Beck: Crazy Fingers (Backbeat Books)$21.71Add to basket
Carson, Phil: Roy Buchanan: American Axe (Backbeat Books)$20.15Add to basket
Carter, Walter: Martin Book (Backbeat Books)$31.04Add to basket
Chappell, Jon: Digital Home Recording (Updated) (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Clayson, Alan: Yardbirds: The Band That Launched Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page (Backbeat Books)$23.26Add to basket
Cohn, J: Piano Workbook + Cd (Backbeat Books)$36.57Add to basket
Coryat, Karl: Bass Player Book (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Coryell, Larry: Power Jazz Guitar Book & CD (Backbeat Books)$20.15Add to basket
Dawson & Propes: 45 Rpm (Backbeat Books)$20.15Add to basket
Doerschuk, Bob: 88 Giants Of Jazz Piano (Book & CD) HardBk (Backbeat Books)$31.04Add to basket
Dome & Fogg: Eddie Van Halen Know The Man Play The Music (Book & CD) (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Erlewine, Dan: How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great (Backbeat Books)$21.71Add to basket
Fogg, Rod: Electric Guitar Handbook (Bk & CD) (Backbeat Books)$31.04Add to basket
Gatton, Danny: Unfinished Business: the Life & Times of Danny Gatton (Backbeat Books)$18.59Add to basket
Gaye, Frankie & Basten, Fred E: Marvin Gaye, My Brother (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Gelly, Dave: Stan Getz: Nobody Else But Me (Backbeat Books)$23.26Add to basket
Gelly, Dave & Fogg, Rod: Django Reinhardt Know The Man Play The Music + CD (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Giltrap, Gordon/Marten, Neville: Hofner Guitar: A History (expanded edition) (Backbeat Books)$23.32Add to basket
Goldsby, John: Jazz Bass Book: Technique and Tradition (Bass Player Musician's Library series) (Book & CD) (Backbeat Books)$26.37Add to basket
Grateful Dead: Between The Dark Deluxe Limited Ed (Backbeat Books)$186.72Add to basket
Green, Sharony Andrews: Grant Green: Rediscovering the Forgotten Genius of Jazz Guitar (Paperback) (Backbeat Books)$20.15Add to basket
Gregory, Hugh: Roadhouse Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughn & Texas R&B (Paperback) (Backbeat Books)$21.71Add to basket

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