Publisher Search Results: Cascade-Music - Records Returned: 28

Bjorn, Frank: Alley Cat 4 Or More Cl (Cascade Music)£5.95Add to basket
Dankworth, John: Domnerus for alto sax & piano (Cascade Music)£7.25Add to basket
Desenne, Eddy: Brigitte (Clarinet & Piano) (Cascade Music)£7.25Add to basket
Fairhead, John: Candy Mountain Rock (4 Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£5.95Add to basket
Fairhead, John: Fairhead Mary In The Morning (Bb Clarinet & Pno) (Cascade Music)£4.50Add to basket
Fairhead, John: Lighthouse Rock 4 Or More Cl (Cascade Music)£3.95Add to basket
Fairhead, John: Mary In The Morning (Flute & Pno) (Cascade Music)£1.60Add to basket
Fairhead, John: September In The Rain (4 Or More Clar) (Cascade Music)£6.75Add to basket
Fairhead, John: Serenata Flute & Piano (Cascade Music)£5.95Add to basket
Gabriel-Marie, Jean: La Cinquantaine for oboe & piano (Cascade Music)£6.95Add to basket
Gershwin, George: Summertime for Clarinet & Piano (Cascade Music)£8.50Add to basket
Gretchaninoff, Alexander Tikhonovich: En Route (2 Flutes/2 Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£3.95Add to basket
Harvey : Equal Partners Book 2 Alto/tenor Saxophone (Cascade Music)£5.95Add to basket
Harvey, Paul: Equal Partners Book 3 Alto/Tenor Saxes (Cascade Music)£6.95Add to basket
Harvey, Paul: Equal Partners Duets Book 1 - alto/tenor (Grades 1-3) (Cascade Music)£6.95Add to basket
Hoffmeister: Twelve Progresive Clarinet Duets (Cascade Music)£10.75Add to basket
Hurlstone, William: Romance & Revelry (Bb Clarinet & Pno) (Cascade Music)£6.95Add to basket
Kern, Jerome D: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Cascade Music)£5.50Add to basket
Kern/fairhead : Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Clarinet (Cascade Music)£2.95Add to basket
Mancini, Henry: Fairhead Charade (mancini) arr Fairhead (Cascade Music)£7.95Add to basket
Monti, Vittorio: Csardas for Bb Clarinet and Piano (Cascade Music)£9.95Add to basket
Monti, Vittorio: Czardas kenny 4 Clarinets (Cascade Music)£7.95Add to basket
Piazzolla, Astor: Fairhead Tango (4 or more clarinets) (Cascade Music)£8.50Add to basket
Rodgers, Richard & Hart, Lorenz: Blue Moon for Clarinet (Cascade Music)£8.50Add to basket
Van der Staak, Pieter: Snowflakes (4 Or More Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£3.45Add to basket
: Fairhead Hot Cradle Rock (4 Or More Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£4.25Add to basket
: Fairhead Red Valley Rock (4 Or More Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£4.25Add to basket
: Fairhead Summer Place Theme (4 Or More Clarinets) (Cascade Music)£4.95Add to basket